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Product Video: How to set up an Impact Hop-Up Display Stand

Impact Hop-Up Display Stand

Check out this useful demonstration video on how to set up an Impact Hop-Up Display Stand...

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How to Stand Out at a Trade Show

Exhibition Stand Design

Trade shows are a great opportunity to fill up the sales pipeline, network with like-minded professionals...

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6 Ways the Office Could Benefit from Poster Cases


Poster cases are a great tool for high street businesses, retail stores, universities and cafes, but they could also prove to be invaluable in the office...

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Why Every Exhibit Needs a Literature Stand

Trade Show Hall

Ensuring you have the right tools for your upcoming exhibit can determine its success...

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4 Signs of a Good Shop Sign

It's a sign

So in this article, we’re going to look at the key components of a good shop sign and what you need to think about when reassessing, updating or creating yours...

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The Humble Snap Frame

Poster Snap Frames Poster Change and Glare Cover Sheet

universally used for poster advertising display from public toilets to high end establishments...

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How to Determine Your Trade Show Budget


It’s tradeshow season and that means that you need to get planning on how you’re going to exhibit at your next trade show.

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Why Does Your Company Need a Branded Flag?

Flag Banners graphic

When it comes to finding innovative ways to advertise your company, it can be difficult to find new ways to stand out from the crowd without investing in big and expensive projects. So how do you cut back costs whilst also making yourself different from the competition? It’s easy; branded flags.

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5 Top Tips for Planning a Tradeshow Exhibition

Sign and Digital Exhibition Trade Show

Tradeshows and exhibitions are a fundamental for many businesses and can form a big part of the sales pipeline...

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7 Advertising Tools Every Restaurant Needs

Restaurant Image

When it comes to successfully running a restaurant, physical location can often be a challenge and this means there are more hurdles to overcome...

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How to Make Your Office More Stylish

Stylish Office

Ensuring your office is professional is vital to establishing your business as someone who knows what they’re doing...

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7 Great Ways to Display Your Menu

Menu Displays for Restaurants

When running a restaurant or cafe, your menu is going to be one of your greatest assets...

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3 Top Tips for Exhibition Success (That Won’t Scare Away the Visitors)

Exhibition Trade Show Hall

Exhibiting at a trade show or event is often one of the most successful ways to find new customers and build brand awareness, but what do you need to do to ensure its success?

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Which Office Whiteboard is Best?

Office Whiteboards

Choosing an office whiteboard can seem like a small task but when it comes to determining which type is best suited to your needs...

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5 Ways to Bring Your Next Event to Life

Banners and Flags

Organising an event, or an appearance at an event, can be time consuming and costly. The success of an event is often determined by...

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Low cost advertising strategies for your small business

Swing Board Signs

If you’re a small business, the you can’t afford to spend too much money on advertising. You have used all your resources on employee training and office costs and now you have very few quids left. What you shouldn’t do is threat. You don’t need a great deal of money to promote your small business. You just need good ideas. If you want to find out more about how you can advertise your company effectively in an inexpensive way, keep on reading.

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Trade Show

Red17 Trade Show Preparation

In order to properly prepare for a trade show, there are a few things you need to organise first...

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6 Types of Banner Stands and Their Uses

Banner Stands and Pop-Ups

The humble banner stand is the staple in any business’ exhibition kit, but how do you know which banner stand is best and what can they be used for? We’re going to take a look at 6 of our most popular products to help you decide.

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Why Print Advertising is Still Important

Ink Print CMYK

In this increasingly digital world, many have forsaken print advertising and declare it’s no longer fit for purpose, but print is still incredibly important in today’s advertising space and here’s why.

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How to Create a Queue Management System that Works

Rope Barriers

Queue management is important for a variety of business types and can have a big impact on customer experience, thus affecting profits and customer loyalty. Whether you run an event venue, or the ice cream truck at the local farmers market, managing your customer queue can be vital for maintaining the peace. But how do you create a queue management system that actually works?

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