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New Printed Map Whiteboards

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At Red17, we love to enhance our product range with some brand new additions...Read More

Education & Training in the Sign and Print Industry

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Take a look at Sign Update Magazines article on training within the industry

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Why Every School Needs an Outdoor Notice Board

Shield Post Mounted School Outdoor Noticeboards

a list of beneficial reasons to have an outdoor notice board

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How to Make Your Teaching More Interactive

Classroom Individual Whiteboards

Using A4 and A3 Handheld Whiteboards

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Notice Boards and Pin Boards uses in Schools & Offices

Frameless Office Notice Pin Board

Nowadays, notice boards and pin boards are not only used in offices but also in schools. These boards are available in multifarious forms with different and elegant designs that suit the premises. There are various types of boards available in the market with different material and sizes. Depending on the room size and place, one can select the best board.

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Why use Brochure Stands at Trade Shows and Exhibitions?

An informative review on how brochure stands can help you at your next event.

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How to Get Noticed at a Trade Show Exhibition

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Different ways to draw attention to yourself at a trade show.

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The Pub Guide to Making the Most of Chalkboards

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with a look at the difference between mounted, framed, outdoor, a-frames, table top

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8 Characteristics of a Glass Whiteboard in the Office

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Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Characteristics & Benefits of a Glass Whiteboard

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How to Make the Most of Gridding Tape

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a look at how to use gridding tape in the most effective way

Gridding Tape for WhiteboardsRead More

How to Raise Awareness for Important Events on University Campus

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by using poster cases and notice boards to advertise what's happening.

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4 Ways to Get Your Pub Ready for the Summer

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Tips for preparing your pub for summer hours by using chalkboards for additional advertising.

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4 Reasons Why Customers Love Simple and Clear Signage

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Choosing the signage for your restaurant or coffee shop is a big decision. You’ll likely be faced with an array of questions and unsure as to how to answer them. Do you choose a flange sign? A freestanding sign? Or a mounted one? What colours do you use? How do you design it? What’s the purpose of the sign?

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How to Improve Communication in Your Community Centre

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Managing a community centre is more complicated than it can first appear. There will always be groups coming and going, and this means that it is a place fraught with miscommunication.

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How to Spruce Up Your Café

Creating a warm and friendly environment is paramount to running a successful café. You want to draw customers in with a good reputation, quality food and drink and then have them stay simply because they like it.

Café SignageRead More

How to Get People to Your Stand at an Outdoor Event

When you're planning a stand at an outdoor event, it can be hard to work out which tactics will be the most effective for engaging those that will be attending. You want to be selective with the tactics you do choose as simply employing all of them can cause a mismatched cacophony of advertising that could simply put people off approaching you altogether. So how do you get people to your stand?

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Advertising with Chalkboards: What You Need to Know

If you own a pub, restaurant or cafe, then it's safe to say you have an advertising conundrum on your hands. Leaflets, menu displays and outdoor signs are all forms of advertising popular within this industry, but knowing which method is the best is impossible until you try them out. If you're considering investing in an A-frame pavement sign then there are a few things you need to know.

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6 Reasons Why You Should be Using Handheld Whiteboards

Teaching can be a challenge at the best of the times, particularly when it comes to making a less-than-inspiring topic interesting and engaging. Maintaining the attention of the classroom, actively engaging them in learning and ensuring they remember what you're teaching are just a few of the challenges teachers face on a daily basis.

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6 Ways Your Restaurant Can Benefit from a Poster Frame

Installing a poster frame may be one of many tactics you’re using to boost sales, improve marketing and increase your ROI. For those who aren’t sure about poster frames and haven’t been converted by their beneficial influence on the premises, we’re going to look at a variety of ways a business can benefit from poster frames.

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The Benefit of Cafe Barriers and How to Use Them

Cafe barriers are a common commodity outside many cafes and coffee shops, but if you’re establishment hasn’t realised the benefits these can add to your business, then you’re seriously missing out.

For those cafés that are on the main high street, or in a place where there is a lot of people-traffic outside, a café barrier could be the perfect solution.

Cafe BarriersRead More

6 Reasons Why You Should Display Your Menu Outside

When you walk down your local high street, there will be a number of food and drink establishments that display their menus outside. It may seem like the 'done thing' for businesses in this industry but there are some very sensible reasons behind why this is a good tactic and why you should employ it for your own business.

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Why Choose a Glass Whiteboard over a Standard Whiteboard?

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Purchasing a glass whiteboard can be one of the best things you accomplish for your office, classroom or home; they're durable, easy to clean, and have an advanced look that works in any room. Many individuals adore the idea of owning a glass whiteboard. However they're stressed over the drawbacks to it—will it break? Is it excessively costly? Is it worth the cash? Why choose a glass whiteboard over a standard whiteboard? This has been a question you have probably asked yourself. The answer is presently here with you. Keep reading this article for additional.

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What’s the best way for displaying your menus?

Posted in Tips and Advice By Red17

Whether you're a restaurant, cafe, bar or any kind of establishment that serves food and drink, displaying your menu is going to be something that you will definitely be doing but displaying it in an effective manner is something else entirely. How can you display your menu so it's both attractive yet informative? How can you display it to entice customers in? With a lot of options to choose from the choice can be overwhelming.

This blog post will look at some great ways you can make the most of your menu display.

Menu Holders for RestaurantsRead More

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