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10 More Creative Ideas for Your Chalkboard Sign

Pavement signs are one of the most important tools in your promotional arsenal, and chalkboard signs are one of the more popular designs within that category. A little creativity is more than welcome when you write these DIY-style signs, unlike many other signage products. Humour is used to allow businesses the chance to show their personable side to the customers. Particularly popular with eating establishments like coffee shops, they’re a versatile and cost-effective option for many different business types.

Whatever your signage needs, Red17 is bound to have a chalkboard or pavement sign to meet your needs – from flexible panels budget signs to forecourt signs, A-board signs to swing board signs.

Chalkboard signs allow you to be as creative and unique as you like, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. They’re cheap and cheerful and give users a lot of freedom to make the most of their creative flair, but they do require some additional equipment such as a decent range of chalks and chalk pens. You can display so many different messages – with just a few chalkboard pens, your chalkboard can be home to endless possibilities.

Open For Business - Chalk A-Board Sign

Chalkboards really are one of the best ways to go if your goal is to communicate your brand’s sense of humour and personality to potential customers. Their effectiveness really hinges on the design they hold. Settling on your design, however, isn’t always easy. You might be surprised by the amount of thought that goes into the designs on your favourite viral chalkboard signs. The effort you’ll have to put in is nothing compared to the results, though, if you want to share new information with customers from time to time.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite creative ideas for chalkboard signs.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese - example Chalkboard Sign

Designing Your Pavement Sign

Your pavement sign is on a mission to grab attention so if you’re able to get just one clear message across, you can call it a success. When you’re creating your design, try to keep the following points in mind:

  • Bold lettering and snappy phrases will ensure everyone can read the sign.

  • Keeping imagery simple and colourful will stop your impactful graphics getting in the way of the text.

  • Keeping it original will help you stand out from your neighbours.

  • A sense of humour to attract attention and come across as a welcoming environment – successful signs may even find their way online.

Fun fact: A-frame pavement signs are sometimes called “Sandwich Boards”, a name which some historians believe indicates an origin in the town of Sandwich, England. They may have been invented as early as 1221 by the owner of a small café at Number 10 Board Street.

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Chalkboard Signs example

Chalkboard signs and businesses that serve food and drinks tend to be a match made in heaven. All you need is your wit and a piece of chalk to encourage passers-by in your local area to discuss your business. If you follow these tips, your A-board should be able to get you noticed and create recognition, without appearing stale and boring. It’s no wonder recent years have seen such a boom in the use of chalkboards and blackboard signs!

These are a particularly cost-effective and multi-purpose signage solution, as they can be altered every day as prices and offers change. They’re ideal for new businesses with lower budgets, as they require only a chalkboard pen for use. Write on them in colours that match your business’ branding, or go completely rainbow: the choice is yours! Whether you want to change your message monthly or daily, these boards are a great choice. Just grab yourself a good chalk pen, and let’s get writing!

Cafe Now Open - example pic of a chalkboard signs

10. Customer Wanted

Text: WANTED: Customers! No previous experience needed as full training will be given! Please apply within!

Business type: Any.

Use this sign to make your customers feel needed. The design is especially well-suited to businesses that thrive on strong customer relationships, like coffee shops and pubs. It treads the fine line between being welcoming and being just a little bit needy.

Customers Wanted - Chalkboard Sign

9. 12 Ways to Fitness

Text: 12 Ways to Fitness: 1. Set attainable goals / 2. Exercise 3+ times a week / 3. Drink more water / 4. Get 7-8 hours of sleep / 5. Hire a personal trainer / 6. Add intensity (HIIT) / 7. Weights first, cardio 2nd / 8. Cross-train, run, bike, swim / 9. Stretch after exercise / 10. Keep a record of your progress / 11. Limit processed foods / 12. Stay positive and focused! If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you it won’t CHANGE you!!

Business type: Gym, leisure centre or health centre.

As well as just being full of good advice, this sign will motivate people to join and use the gym by making fitness seem more manageable. Other business types could try getting in on this style by changing the type of facts shown.

12 Ways to Fitness - Large Chalkboard Sign

Photo: Chalk wall at Anytime Fitness

8. Rum n Coke

Text: SMITHS. Come in and try the worst rum & coke that one guy on Yelp ever had in his life.

Business type: Bars, hospitality.

Smiths Rum n Coke Chalkboard Sign

Why let a negative review bring you down when it could be bringing you profit? Another popular “negative review” sign is the common “no wi-fi” complaint:

No WiFi Chalkboard

7. Pilates?

Text: Pilates? I thought you said Pie and Lattes.

Business type: Any.

This fun pun can be used by anyone, but it’s especially appropriate if your business sells pies and/or lattes.

Pilates chalkboard

Photo: Cosmicbeing90 on Imgur

6. An Apple a Day…

Text: An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough.

Business type: Any.

Maybe avoid this sign if your business actually stocks apples – you don’t want to give anyone any dangerous ideas. While any business type can make use of a jokey sign like this, they tend to work best for businesses that already have a relaxed sort of atmosphere. Coffee shops, bars and independent book shops can often get away with more risque messages.

An Apple A Day - Chalkboard Sign example

5. Who’s a Good Boy?

Text: Dogs welcome (and well behaved humans).

Business type: Any.

If you’re alright with dogs coming into your building, share that far and wide! Dog owners are always looking for places to go with their furry friends. This sign can really be used by any business, but once again it’s most likely to be seen outside a café. People who are out walking their dogs love to know they can come in for a sit down and something to eat. This sign mixes things up a little by providing this information in the form of a joke.

If you do allow dogs in your business, however, make sure you’re taking all the necessary health and safety precautions.

Dogs Welcome - Chalkboard sign

Photo: @lookwhoschalking on Instagram

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4. Soup of the Day

Text: Soup of the Day… WHISKEY.

Business type: Pubs, bars, off-licenses.

Don’t worry: no-one will actually think you’re recommending a liquid lunch!

Soup Of The Day - Whiskey - example funny chalkboard sign

3. I Have to Trade in My Honda for a Human

Text: The average human walks 900 miles per year, and drinks 22 gallons of beer, which means the average human gets 41 miles per gallon. Not bad…

Business type: Bars, pubs, off-licenses.

Other business types could make this relevant by looking up statistics on their own products. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you could try finding out how much coffee the average person drinks in a year.

Trade in my Honda - Chalkboard

Photo: ejlinehan on Ranker

2. Beer & Girlfriends

Text: We have beer as cold as your ex-girlfriend’s heart!

Business type: Bars, pubs and anywhere that sells cold beer.

Once again, this formula can be altered to suit other businesses. Ice-cream? Cold. Fridges? Cold. Fresh baked goods? Warm as your grandma’s heart!

Cold Beer Ex Heart - Chalkboard

1. That’s a Great Deal!

Text: Buy a cappuccino, get a flashy smile from the barista FREE!

Business type: Cafés and coffee shops.

The word “free” will always catch the eye and if your staff are friendly enough, customers won’t even be mad that they had to pay for their coffees!

Buy a Capuccino - example chalkboard sign

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