11 Amazing Tradeshow Booths to Make You Jealous

Whether you’ve been to a tradeshow before or not, you may want to try something a little more outrageous than a simple roller banner stand. And there are some great ways you can utilise a pop-up display, so here’s some amazing booths to give you ideas.

Embrace your product

It can be easy to come up with great ideas when your brand is as fun as Jelly Beans, but this example can give you creative inspiration for your own booth by embracing what’s at the heart of your product.

Get creative

Even if you’re not as fun as Jelly Beans, that doesn’t mean you can’t be funny or creative. And you may be surprised that creative isn’t always expensive either.

Make your message centre stage

Whatever your message is, make it the centre of your advertising. Big and bold is the best way to make it memorable.

Leverage your reputation

When you have a reputation as big as PlayStation’s, you’re going to be obliged to leverage that some way. And just like Jelly Bean, these guys know how to showcase their product.

Use lighting and interactive elements

Everyone loves a stand that has interactive components to engage passers-by. If you can ensure these interactive elements are fun too, then you’re on to a sure winner.

Go big or go home

For some brands, going big just isn’t an option but a necessity, and this example has it all. Think about how many elements you can incorporate in your booth – and whether you have the space for it all!

Then go even bigger

If you’re really looking to stand out from the crowd, then why not create a giant version of your product? Depending on what you sell, this could be a great way to bring in the visitors.

Get really creative

Okay, so not everyone has access to the same budget as the big guys, but you can get creative and really make an impression instead.

Get people involved

Being interactive is one thing, but really getting people involved is a whole other challenge. So reassess what it is you have to offer and how visitors might be able to get involved.

Show what you can do

At the end of the day, the whole reason you’re there is to show what you can do, so you need to do exactly that.

Simplest is best

Sometimes, doing something simple and going back to basics could be the most effective. Identify what you want to get out of the event and go from there.

In summary

No matter what it is you’re trying to achieve, it’s important to remember exactly what it is you want to gain from the event. It’s all very well and good spending a fortune on a custom pair of giant glasses or investing loads in a multi-tier gaming platform but if they don’t help you achieve your target or fill your pipeline, then it will all be a waste.

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