Notice Board

Installing a noticeboard can often be a great asset to an office environment. It provides a key place for information to be shared and for employees to become engaged in office events. However, in some cases, the office noticeboard may be going to waste. So what can you display to ensure it’s being used to its full potential?

Health and safety information

This needs to be displayed somewhere in the office, so why not on the noticeboard? Considering it’s likely to be a focal point for information, displaying health and safety information here will mean everyone can access it with ease.

Insurance information

Whether its buildings insurance, liability insurance or health insurance, you may want to display some key credentials to your employees and the noticeboard is a great place for this.

Staff photos

Depending on your business and where the noticeboard is located, displaying photos of your members of staff is a great way for visitors to identify who it is they will be speaking to. Coupled with job titles, it also makes a clear hierarchy to identify who’s in charge of what.

Employee wellbeing information

If you have an employee assistance programme (EAP) in place, then it’s likely to be important to have information about that in a readily accessible location.

Fire safety information

Similar to the health and safety information, knowing where all the fire exits are and who the fire officers are is vital to employee health and safety and therefore key information to display on your noticeboard.

Team photos

If you do a lot of team building activities, or simply have a close-knit company culture, displaying team photos on your noticeboard is a great way to encourage a more fun and lively atmosphere. It also demonstrates the personality and culture of the organisation which could be key when interviewing new employees.

First aiders

Information about who your first aiders are and where the first aid kit can be located needs to be displayed somewhere, so doing so on the central noticeboard means this information is easily locatable to everyone.

Individual achievements

If you’re looking to promote company culture and improve the collaboration within and between teams, then displaying individual achievements in a central location where everyone can celebrate them together is a great idea.

Emergency contact information

Depending on what type of business you are, it could be vital to display emergency contact information. If you have a security system in place, or something similar, then a list of who to contact should something go wrong can help to minimise damage.


If your business is certified by specific certification bodies, then displaying this for visitors and employees to see can be a great way to boost employee morale and demonstrate the progress your company has made, or simply boast about the connections you have.

Be fun

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with displaying the personality of your office and engaging with your employees in a more informal manner. Displaying funny office quotes, current jokes and the tea rota can help to create a relaxed and harmonious working environment that everyone can embrace.

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