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12 Cool Outdoor Menu Ideas for Any Restaurant

Creating a lasting impression from the outside is getting more and more difficult as business owners become more creative with their branding but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a few of their ideas for inspiration. Here are 12 cool outdoor menus to get you thinking.

Go for the rusty look

With steampunk and vintage very in right now, you can step outside the box a little and think about including more metal materials. This also means that if your metal is rusting, looking aged or even has a few dents, it’s not the end of the world but can add to that rustic vibe.

Use LEDs

Light boxes and LEDs are a great option for any restaurant menu, especially at night-time. And when compared to your competitors, it will be even easier to stand out.

Incorporate wood

Wood is a great material for that classy and stylish finish. Depending on what type of image you want to convey, it could be the perfect option.

Incorporate your branding

No matter what you decide to do, ensuring your branding is consistent and matches your restaurant is vital. Think of how that is reflected in your current menu display and how it should be reflected in your new one.

Make chalkboards more stylish

Chalkboards are a standard go-to for many restaurants but that doesn’t mean they all have to be the same. Think about your styling and try to create something that’s unique to you.

Go big, go bold

Why not go back to who you are and what your brand means and incorporate that in something big and bold. It doesn’t have to cover the whole of the building but it could help you identify what you should be doing.

Think outside the box

This menu design works so well thanks to its unique use of everyday items. An ornate picture frame is the perfect accessory to any menu – it’s easy to match to your brand colour and won’t cost you too much either, especially if you hunt about at a few car boots.

Use unique materials

Who would have thought framed glass would make a great menu display? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas, who knows what you might come up with!

Use what you have

Take inspiration from this pop up shop menu and use what you have around you – it may be the most effective, or at least the most unique, option around.

Go back to basics

And by basics, we mean raw materials. This menu has a great rustic feel to it by using natural materials and keeping it simple.

Try recycling

Everybody loves to recycle throwaway materials and this is when you can create something really special. Visiting flea markets and car boots for ideas is a great place to start and you may even find you surprise yourself.

Simplest is best

At the end of the day, you may just find that the simplest option is best, and you can’t really go wrong with an A-frame.

Menu A-Board Signs

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