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3 Coaching Techniques to Improve Team's Performance

No matter what sport, there are going to be strategic discussions. Whether in a school, local team or county team, strategy is a big part of success sportsmanship. Sometimes it takes the more daring and outrageous tactics to get the win, but how do you get your team on board with a new strategy?

Improving a team’s performance is about more than just introducing a new strategy. You need to utilise several different techniques to ensure that your team work well together. Here are a few coaching techniques that might help.


You can’t expect your team to understand what it is you want them to do without some explaining, but how you go about this is crucial.

A simple explanation of how you want your team to play, or the new strategy you want them to use could be one way of doing this, but it’s likely to be the most unclear. So perhaps it’s worth purchasing a tactical handheld whiteboard. Printed to match your pitch, this is perhaps one of the easiest ways to demonstrate your vision.

Alternatively, you may find a mobile whiteboard a better option as it’s larger and has more space. You can combine the whiteboard functionality with a flip chart to create a more permanent record of your coaching – perhaps something you’ll want to come back to at a later date.



There’s only so much explaining you can do, at the end of the day. And so you may find that a better technique is to simply get a demonstration on the go. This could be members of the team that understand the concept or are already familiar with it showing the rest of the team how it works.

In many ways, this is the second step of introducing a new strategy or tactic to the team as once they’ve understood the basic concept, they can then see it in action and get a better understanding of how it would work in a game.

In practice

It’s only once everyone completely understands what it is you want, can they then put it into practice. Depending on the sport you’re playing, the number of people involved, and the complexity of your new strategy or tactic, learning by putting it into practice may be a better method of teaching it to the team.

Let’s face it, many of us learn quicker and better by actually physically doing what it is we’re supposed to be learning, and the same goes for when we’re learning sports. There’s only so much theory before you have to put it into practice for it to be truly successful.

There are a wide variety of coaching techniques you can employ to help make yourself better understood or to strengthen your team for the coming season or match. Choosing which method works best for you will likely be a trial and error process, as it needs to work for your team as well and this can vary from season to season. So the next time you’re delivering a new strategy or teaching a new tactic, think about how you could be coaching it differently to ensure your next game is a win.

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