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3 Easy Steps to Organising your Workplace with Mobile Whiteboards

Let’s face it, it isn’t always easy to stay organised in the workplace. However, it is a key part of being productive and running a professional working environment. By being organised, you are much more likely to use your time in an effective way. Plus, it helps to ensure that your work day is one that’s free from stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Though being organised comes easy for some, a lot of people struggle. This is why it’s often useful to enlist the help of an organisational tool.

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Why Use a Mobile Whiteboard at Work?

There are a lot of different ways to stay organised at work, such as using complex calendars and state of the art smartphone applications. Unfortunately, these are unlikely to work if you’re someone to benefits from visually seeing their tasks and plans. This is where mobile whiteboards come in. Having mobile whiteboards in your workspace is an ideal way to stay organised, especially if you’re someone who prefers to have things written down in front of them. Not only will you be able to visually see everything that you need to do that day, such as tasks and meetings, but you’ll also be able to stay organised without relying on technology.

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How to Successfully Stay Organised With a Mobile Whiteboard

Staying organised at work with mobile whiteboards is a lot easier than you may assume. In fact, it only requires three simple steps.

  • First, Choose the Right Size - Mobile whiteboards come in a range of different sizes, which mean there’s something for everyone. In order for a mobile whiteboard to be beneficial to you, you will need to choose one that’s small enough to fit in your workspace but large enough to fit all of your information on. It’s best to choose the biggest mobile whiteboard that your workspace will allow. Some workspaces will have room for you to mount the mobile whiteboard but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Instead, opt for a whiteboard with its own standing frame. This means you can place it wherever you need, whenever you need.

  • Then, Customise It - For your mobile whiteboard to be beneficial, you will need to customise it to your specific needs. This can be done by adding letters, numbers, tables and magnetic strips. Sectioning off different areas for specific tasks is a great way to ensure the mobile whiteboard is clear and easy to follow. It may even be able to have an area just for notes and ideas, which will help you to remember little pieces of information as and when you need to.

  • Finally, Use It - The biggest mistake people make with their mobile whiteboard is forgetting to use it. In order for it to work, you must remember to update it as much as possible. After all, you want the information on the whiteboard to correspond to your work day. Add new information as and when you get it, remove tasks when they are done and ensure you check it regularly. Though this may seem difficult at first, it will eventually become part of you day to day life.

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