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3 Promotional Items You Can Use At An Exhibition

An exhibition is an absolutely incredible chance to showcase your business or brand. There’s a slew of potential customers, business connections and even partners at an exhibition. Therefore, you absolutely have to put your best foot forwards and make sure that you’ve got a good selection of promotional items which you can give to people who express an interest in your brand. You need to make sure that you’re offering specific items, because they all help to promote you in a different way. To try and help you make sure that you’re doing it right, we’re going to be taking a look at three different promotional items you can use at your exhibition.

A Reusable Bag

One of the first things that you have to remember is that your products should be something that can be used over and over. The thing about promotional items is that they promote a company or brand, so they should be designed for as much use as possible. Once someone has been attracted by your choice in Pop-Up Display Stands, the next step is to make sure they leave with something that will remind them of you for the rest of the day. A reusable bag provides them with something to put any other free goodies they get, but at the same time it’s also spreading your brand all around the venue. If someone’s got this really handy bag, and you’re equally weighed down with free goods, wouldn’t you then go and see if you can get a bag for yourself?

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A USB Drive

A USB drive has the potential to be a powerful promotional item while also being small and easy to carry around. In an increasingly modern age, having a USB and memory storage device on hand is becoming a necessity. If you provide people with ample storage space that also has your brand printed onto it, there’s a constant reminder every time they use it. That’s promotion which sticks around long after the exhibition is over.

A Pen

This is much of the same value as a USB drive in the sense that it’s a long lasting item. Who doesn’t need a pen in business? We need to write things down and take notes, and having a pen to hand just adds to the impression of professionalism. Plus they’re easy to carry around an exhibition, and if they’re used at other stands and displays then you’re potentially attracting the attention of another business, so it’s always worth handing out to people.

Overall, these are just a few of the different promotional items you could hand out at an exhibition. You could go for other options, but these all provide you with a unique advantage. They’re more permanent forms of promotion. If there’s a practical and applicable use for an item, you’re more likely to hang onto it. You don’t want to hand out something that’ll get thrown into a bin, because that’s no good as a promotional tool. It’s better to stick with permanent items, and more practical offerings.

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