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3 Top Tips for Exhibition Success (That Won’t Scare Away the Visitors)

Exhibiting at a trade show or event is often one of the most successful ways to find new customers and build brand awareness, but what do you need to do to ensure its success?

Investing in advertising

There are two types of advertising you could be investing in, one of which is more important than the other.

Let’s start with the basic stand advertising. If you’re exhibiting, it’s not enough to have a table and a few people standing around. It’s important (and vital) to ensure you display who you are and what you do to visitors. Failure to do so could mean that the event is a resounding flop.

This means you should be thinking about roller banner stands, pop-up display stands, leaflet displays, business cards, portable flags and any other kind of advertising that comes to mind.

Another form of advertising which is more optional is getting involved in the event advertising. This method gas a much broader scope and can include a variety of different activities. It could be that you can become a media partner for the event, or a sponsor. It could be that you are able to be featured on the events website or blog. These kinds of advertising partnerships can often be invaluable but they’re not a necessity.

Host a giveaway

As people arrive to the event, it might take them a while to get their bearings and work out which companies they want to talk too. A great way round this is to break the ice with an enticing competition. If you can make it relevant to you company, excellent, but if not, then don’t worry. No-one can resist a £100 Amazon voucher or a huge bottle of prosecco.


What’s important is ensuring that people don’t simply enter the competition and walk away without at least talking to your team and getting a feel for whether they’re a prospective client or not.

Train your team

The Team

You could have the most amazing advertising bundle and the best giveaway you’ve ever seen, but if your team isn’t any good, the event is going to be a struggle.

When it comes to training them on how to work an event stand, remember to include those who may have done something similar in the past. It’s no good just training your inexperienced team members as this can create disharmony amongst the whole team and lead to bigger issues.

Maybe introduce some role playing to help everyone feel more comfortable and although it may seem simple, you need to reinforce the basics, such as;

  • Don’t sit on your phone or laptop
  • Don’t be afraid to start conversations with those passing by
  • Not everything has to be about what you do
  • Talk to visitors about the event
  • Even if they’re not a prospective client, don’t be rude or cut the conversation short
  • Remember to smile

Following these top tips will ensure that the money invested in the event doesn’t go to waste and will also give you and your team some excellent experience, not to mention a boost in brand awareness.

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