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4 Creative Ways That You Can Use The Office Whiteboard

Whiteboards. They’re a powerful tool for the office environment, as many people will know. They provide you with a space of limitless creativity and a platform for ideas and concepts. However, there’s no doubt that a whiteboard alone can be sort of… plain. Using your whiteboard in creative ways will really help you to appreciate the potential of it, so we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most creative ways you can use a whiteboard.

A Free Creative Space

Sometimes, you need to allow people a chance to express themselves. The thing about whiteboards is that you can easily just rub it all off when you need the space back, so it’s easy to use for other things. A space where people can add song lyrics, draw little doodles and a whole selection of other things can serve as a great way to get the creative juices flowing but also allows for some team building.

Whiteboard use in a free creative space


This may not sound too professional, but consider the fun side of a white board. With some whiteboard gridding tape, you could easily rig up some kind of space for noughts and crosses for example. It’s not difficult to get whiteboard accessories that will enable you to play a variety of different games and really come together.

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As opposed to a fax machine or a weekly email, what about a series of brightly coloured messages written on a whiteboard? Things that are relevant to all staff can be put up onto the board, which stops it from looking plain or boring throughout the day when it’s not in use. Plus, it’s an easy way to change messages or edit them as new developments occur, and you can just wipe them off when you’re done.

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Inspirational Quotes

Work can be a real drain sometimes. We’ve all experienced a feeling of apathy or a lack of motivation and it can be hard to get back up again. However, a whiteboard can be used for a really fun and random purpose - to put up some inspirational messages. Famous people, fictional characters, they’re all viable options for quotes. Anything that helps to create an atmosphere which is welcoming, warm and has its own personality will definitely make your office a more productive workspace.

Whiteboard quotes

Overall, these are a few of the different ways that you can use a whiteboard in a creative way. A whiteboard is a very powerful tool for people to use, but you should take care when using it and really think about what other purposes it can serve. We all want to be able to express ourselves in the form of pictures and words, and a whiteboard can be a perfect tool for that. They’re not like other products in the sense that they can be easily wiped clean or augmented with other accessories, and this makes them perfect for people to use. It allows for a very relaxed and casual usage of the whiteboard, which can be exactly what you want.

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