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4 Display Tools Your Organisation Needs after Lockdown

Whether we’re ready or not, Britain is coming out of lockdown and workplaces need to start getting ready to welcome back their staff. An organisation has a range of requirements for displays in their stores, staff rooms, workshops and warehouses at the best of times, and this need will only intensify post-lockdown. Fortunately, a variety of notice boards and display stands are available to suit different purposes, whether you need to display health and safety notices for workers and customers or lay out your company plan for resuming business as usual.

Engaging with employees is vital in all companies. One way to build this engagement is through your workplace notice boards. 70% of companies worldwide have implemented employee engagement strategies, according to Aberdeen Group, and this number may well go up as organisations attempt to re-immerse their staff in the company culture they’ve been removed from for so long.

It is our hope that the 68% of companies who evaluate their employee engagement through formal policies will act as inspiration for the remaining 32%.

As an experienced authority in the world of workplace display equipment, we’ve put together some of our favourite types for your consideration. Effective use of these tools will allow you to ensure that your staff are connected and happy to be back in the office, which in turn will keep them performing their tasks to the best of their abilities. They will allow you to improve communication amongst co-workers and easily keep everyone up-to-date with ever-changing government guidelines and regulations. They can also help build your company’s identity, act as a bulletin board for new work updates and advertise upcoming events.

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1. Notice Boards

Your workplace notice board can create a sense of unity and help your staff to be more productive. When you want to share organisational information, outdoor notice boards, big or small, are an incredibly helpful tool. Rest assured that whichever notice board you choose, it will help you to revolutionise the way you communicate in your workplace. The importance of notice boards, then, should never be overlooked by companies.

Employees in an organisation can really benefit from an effectively-used notice board, which Agenda Communication has explained can serve as a powerful communication channel. Whether you need one for your commercial spaces, staff room, conference rooms, stores or outdoor areas, Red17 offers a variety of notice boards for displaying important information like notices, schedules and motivational quotes.

It can be difficult to know which board would be best for your business when you’re just starting out – each organisation has different needs, and there are loads of different types of notice board on the market. Mobile versions, free-standing and wall-mounted notice boards are all available. The most popular types of notice board are…

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You can choose between nominating one person to maintain the board, or allowing all members of staff to contribute to the information centre.

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2. Whiteboards

No workspace, staff room or training room is complete without a whiteboard – an essential piece of equipment that you can use to explain your back-to-work plan by writing and illustrating as you speak to your staff. You can also use them to display inspirational quotes, create rough timetables, brainstorm or write reminders. Popular whiteboard types include…

  • Mini whiteboards
  • Whiteboard planners
  • Standard framed whiteboards
  • Mobile whiteboards
  • Free standing whiteboards
  • Glass whiteboards

A whiteboard can be used to share information among the workforce of almost any business or group.

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3. Literature Stands

Exhibitions, offices, reception areas and trade fairs are all good places to showcase leaflets and flyers in a wide range of display stands – these stands can also be used to display leaflets with advice on personal health and safety as we continue working to beat coronavirus. Libraries can also make great use of these display stands. You can choose from a range of different sizes and styles for your display stand on the Red17 website. Popular options include…

  • Leaflet display stands
  • Mobile literature stands
  • A4 display stands
  • Brochure stands

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4. Folding Display Boards

Hopefully the information you need to provide regarding coronavirus guidelines will only require a temporary display, so you might choose a tool like a folding display board. These are great short-term displays, and the very fact that they aren’t kept up all the time can make them draw even more attention when they are set up. Any information you want to provide can be attached with pins or velcro, and there are lots of different sizes and designs available.

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