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4 Great Corporate Flags for Marketing Ideas

Corporate flags are a great marketing idea and perfect for standing out against the competition at trade shows and other corporate events. But when it comes to choosing the right flag for your marketing strategy, how do you know which will work best?

Here’s our shortlist of great corporate flag ideas to inspire your marketing.

Get mobile

Portable Back-pack Street Flags

A lot of businesses, when choosing a portable flag, opt for a more static option, yet going mobile can give you a lot advantages.

Whether you’re looking to market your business on a daily basis by having someone walking the high street, or whether you have a handful of ambassadors walking the event, a mobile flag can be incredibly effective.

A mobile street flag that stands heads and shoulders above the crowd can provide you with a big advantage by being seen much further than just a banner stand.

Make a statement

Lamp Post Flags

If you’re organising an event, or are just wanting to advertise your day-to-day business, a lamp post flag could be what you need. These types of adverts are often well-placed in busy pedestrian and vehicular areas.

For something a little different, this is the ideal solution for raising general awareness. Whilst advertising your business on your own premise is one thing, advertising to the wider public in a space that has a high amount of traffic can be much more beneficial.

Big and bold

Zoom Flags

Roller banner stands have become the staple form of advertising for a wide variety of business, but the investment in a corporate flag is much more versatile. Not only can they be used outdoors as well as indoors, they’re a great tool for making a statement. Whether you want just the one flag to identify who you are, or several that all match your branding for an overarching message, going big and bold is the only way to stand out from the competition.

Making the most of your flag is obviously important – you don’t want to waste your money – and so going bold is all about embodying your brand’s personality in a way that is appealing to your customers or visitors, depending on the purpose.

Embrace your brand

Branded Portable Flags

Branding is the key differentiator in this hyper-competitive business world, and embracing who you are is the only way to win customers over.

This means being true to your messaging and incorporating it in everything you do. Flags are the ideal solution for embracing your brand and can provide you with the perfect tool to allow customers or visitors identify who you are instantly.

Whether this is improving your brand awareness or using it as a marker so people can easily find you, it largely doesn’t matter – but it’s important nonetheless.

Similar to going big and bold, embracing your brand could be in the form of several flags with the same design, several flags with slightly different designs or even several flags with completely different designs and consistent branding instead.

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