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4 Great Ways to improve your coffee shop with signage

Coffee shops have come a long way in the last couple of decades. They’re no longer places to just get a quick drink but are social hubs and even places to do business. You can also now get everything from a skinny latte, a double expresso and Americano to a short or long Macchiato.

Most coffee shops are found on high streets around towns and cities so standing out from the crowd is always important. People can be very choosy about their coffee, for some it’s actually a religion, so how you attract them into your shop is something to take very seriously.

Why Signage Is Important

There’s a range of signage choices for coffee shop owners, everything from traditional chalkboards and pavement signs to quirky menu holders and café barriers.

Why is signage so important? It attracts people’s attention and draws them closer to your coffee shop. Even if they weren’t thinking about stopping for a coffee and something to eat, your signs can suddenly convince them the exact opposite is true.

Traditional Chalkboards Always Work Well

When we think of signage for coffee shops and bars, traditional chalkboards usually come to mind. They seem to match perfectly.

Chalkboards have the added advantage that you can change what’s on them and put something of your own personality and brand into them at the same time. They’re great for putting out on the street and highlighting your latest offers, luring in passing customers.

Chalkboard signs

Café Pavement Signs

Café pavement signs are as old as coffee shops themselves. You can opt for the traditional chalkboard, of course, but there are a range of different styles to choose from nowadays. These are much easier for adding your own branding and really stand out on the street. If you live in a particularly windy area like a seaside resort, you can also opt for pavement signs that have heavy, weighted bases.

Invest in Some Menu Holders

Menu sign holders are really important if you want to dress up your coffee shop tables with a little style. These can come in a variety of designs to suit your décor and are a good investment that keeps your leaflets and menus in neat order rather than scattered across table tops or on the floor.

Cafe Barriers

If you are looking for some more substantial signage, why not consider getting one or two café barriers? These can fit anywhere outside your café and can be specifically designed to match the brand of your company.

Cafe Barriers

They can be used to define where people sit and enjoy your excellent coffee as well as create an extra dimension to your street area that sets you apart from other shops and stores in the vicinity.

The good news is that there are plenty of different ways to spruce up your café signage at prices you can easily afford. Red 17 delivers high quality but cost effective solutions in a range of different designs and sizes. Built to last, our café signage range will certainly set you apart from the competition and get customers through your door.

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