Church Notice Board

Many church communities spend a considerable amount of time deciding how they can improve the lives of their congregation and bring everyone closer together. This has led to an array of coffee mornings and church hall activities. But what many parishes don’t realise, is that there could be a much simpler option as well.

Investing in a notice board whether it’s for indoors or outdoors could be greatly beneficial to any parish looking to engage with its parishioners. This is especially prevalent with older members of the congregation who may not be comfortable using Facebook or emails as a main method of communication. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some excellent reasons why your community could benefit from a notice board.

Sense of community

Instilling a sense of community in the parishioners is incredibly important for a happy and thriving congregation. Investing in a central notice board that is used for a wide variety of purposes helps to create a focal point and heart of the community. It works as a less formal extension of the religious building and therefore is able to reach out to all members of the community, not just those who regularly attend services..


As mentioned earlier, not all members of your congregation may be comfortable with using digital and electronic means of communication. Especially for those who are of an older generation, written communication is their go-to method and therefore it’s vital that you provide them with a means of communication that they’re comfortable with.

Communication for your community through outdoors notice pin boards


As well as communication in general, creating a central point where news is shared may be the only way for some members of the community to learn about what is happening elsewhere. Although Facebook is a common communication method, users will only be able to see activity and notifications from their friends, and therefore not the wider community.

Sharing important news with your parishioners via a community notice board also creates a guaranteed point of contact where you know the obligation to share the information has been met. If someone says they missed something Facebook – where information is very temporary – you can be rest assured that the information was available on your notice board and therefore you are not at fault.

Exterior Notice Boards

Contact information

Whether someone wants to find out about upcoming special services, or to enquire about wedding ceremonies, providing the relevant contact details is vital. Utilising a notice board in this way means that you can be rest assured the contact information is always available should someone need it. This is also important in case of emergencies.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of reasons why a notice board could be beneficial to your community and all of which contribute to bringing the local parish closer together. Ultimately, clear and open communication is one of the easiest ways to build a happy and trusting network, which makes the notice board the ideal tool in which to achieve this.