Outdoor Notice Boards for Schools

4 Types of Outdoor Displays Perfect for Schools

Many schools spend a lot of time and focus on ensuring the displays inside the school provide the necessary information, creative flair and inspiration. However, this often means outdoor displays are neglected when actually there are a lot of opportunities to breathe some life into your outdoor areas. Here we’re going to look at 4 types of outdoor displays that every school could benefit from.

Lockable notice boards

When creating an outdoor display, vandalism can often be a main concern. Irrelevant of whether you’re a primary or secondary school, pupils or people from outside the school tampering with your notices can be a worry.

Vandal resistant and lockable notice boards are the perfect solution for this and are also suitable for being outdoors. This means they can protect your notices from the elements as well as the vandals.

Lockable Outdoor Noticeboards

Something more physical

Whilst notice boards can be somewhat limiting in what you can display, there’s nothing stopping you from getting more creative and physical with your ideas. Outdoor displays can include everything from important information for parents, to showcase the children’s’ work.

Why not get everyone involved with coming up with creative display ideas – they could include everything from flowers and natural materials to sculptures and art work.

School Notice Boards

Large banners

We often see large banners pinned to the school’s front gates, and these are a great outdoor display to help advertise any event, whether it’s open to the public or just the families of the school.

These types of banners aren’t too expensive but can often have a short lifespan as they’re created for a specific date which means recycling them is highly unlikely.

Cafe Banners

Weather resistant pin bards

It depends on whether you’re looking for something really creative or just something that will be able to showcase important information. An outdoor notice board, for example, is a great way to simply provide important information for parents and children. It may be the timetable for after school clubs, or something less interesting like emergency contact numbers.

Similar to the lockable noticeboards discussed above, these types of displays are built for the outdoors which means they’re secure and sealed, protecting them from the weather or blowing away.

Shield Exterior Notice Board with Sunken Posts

Always include colour

Whatever outdoor display you decide is the best fit for your purpose, be sure to include as much colour as possible. Too many people can get caught up in simply printing out pages of text and sticking them to a board, but this is nowhere near as effective as a splash of colour. Not only is it more visually engaging, it’s also likely to attract attention and get the right information to the right people when they need it.

So when it comes to creating an outdoor display that will catch the eye of parents and children alike, there’s a variety of outdoor display types to choose from. Your only limit is your imagination – and maybe your budget!

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