Boost your team building at work

Working in an office environment that is tight knit and harmonious is incredibly important for employee productivity. A relaxed and enjoyable workplace will encourage employees to work harder, discourage procrastination and leave them feeling more fulfilled.

If you’ve noticed employees are not working as teams, or that there is some disharmony amongst workers, then initiating a team building scheme could be ideal and will help to bring your employees closer together. But how do you go about boosting team building in the workplace?

Set time aside for tasks

So the simple and most obvious answer is to include team building activities into your monthly or quarterly routines. This can be in the form of an external activity such as a work social where employees are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities outside of working hours. This can be incredibly effective and will help employees to relax, build meaningful relationships and bond with their co-workers.

Depending on the size of your company and the budget available, this might not always be the most practical solution. However, team building activities can be included in the everyday office environment in the form of smaller tasks, such as creating a tea round for the team, or a mini trivia once a week.

Encourage meetings

Essentially, good team building is based around good communication. If your employees sit in silence throughout the day, this can lead to the development of animosity and resentment between co-workers.

Encouraging meetings once a week as teams or even between departments can work wonders in breaking down those barriers and promote team building.

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Encourage collaborations

Likewise with encouraging meetings, it’s vital that you encourage collaboration between co-workers, teams and departments. Collaboration is one of the key ingredients to excellent team building and a harmonious working environment. If employees are unused to working with each other, then team building is going to be incredibly difficult.

Collaboration in the workplace can be enabled by a number of factors and largely evolves around interaction. Encouraging interaction could be incredibly easy depending on the tool you want to use. Online apps, such as Slack, allow teams to talk with each other in an instant messaging format. They can share documents, create chats around specific campaigns whilst also having fun.

However, if you don’t feel an app is the answer, installing a whiteboard is a great alternative. Ensure that you make it clear it’s for collaboration purposes and also put some time aside to determine exactly how it can be used. You might decide to do something fun such create a generic question where members of the office have to provide pun answers.

Open communication channels

Ultimately, what you want to do is open communication channels. In most cases, this may only require one individual reaching out and starting a chain, but it’s important that employees understand this is a viable collaboration tool and one that they should readily utilise.

Email is the most obvious choice as it’s likely your employees regularly use email communications throughout their day. Ask managers to communicate regularly with their team, or the rest of the organisation to encourage a more open communication channel.

Once you boost team building within your organisation, you’ll notice a livelier and friendlier atmosphere in the office which not only boosts productivity but creates a nice place to work that everyone can enjoy.

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