Glass Whiteboards

5 Benefits of a Glass Whiteboard

The current era is all about up gradation; the moment you step out of updates, you are out of the game. In our tech-savvy world, initially smart boards replaced, and those are still running popular in schools, learning centres and workplaces. However, the corporate arena felt a dire need for something low-tech yet stylish to write and sketch on. Meeting the fundamental demand while embracing a fancy look, Glass Whiteboards proved to be the seamless addition to any office while posing countless benefits as discussed below.

Mobile Whiteboards

Stain Free

Glass Whiteboards are manufactured from toughened glass that poses excellent shielding from abrades and marks. Since the glass used in this board is a nonporous structure, there are zero chances of marker deposits remaining under the board’s surface. A scribbled glass whiteboard can unimaginably be transformed into a spotless board in no time. No matter how tough a stain you wish to consider, be it paint, oil pens or even permanent markers; you can still expect your glass whiteboard to be spick and span, shining brightly.

Office Whiteboard

Ecologically Constructive

When buying a glass whiteboard, you can be sure that you are not just investing in the future of your company but also in the future of this world. Tempered glass whiteboards do not contain any unusual pieces within its foundational edifice; these boards are a result of 100% tempered glass which deems them seamlessly environment-friendly.

Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Impeccable Resilience

You will not find a single fragile facet in this board; these are heavy-duty, resilient and ten times more durable than a conventional whiteboard. Such strength and hardness is attained by heating and cooling a regular glass which finally undergoes a chemical subduing procedure. The durability of these glass whiteboard can be proved by literally breaking one of these wonders. Upon collapsing, you will be able to see the glass whiteboard scatter into small wrecks which help prevent a glass injury. The hardened glass is reinforced by the addition of a metallic back-plate which ensures that there is no damage done to your glass whiteboard even if you exert a little extra weight over it.

Coloured Glass Whiteboards

Achieves Various Purposes

  1. Apart from the usual dry-erase use, glass whiteboards also serve the purpose of a magnetic board over which you can clasp short notes, visiting cards, invitations, photographs and more by using magnets.
  2. You can further magnetically attach a pen tray to the steel plate at the foot of the glass whiteboard to set your eraser and pens at your convenience.
  3. Using traditional whiteboards as a projection canvas has been a common practice, but using glass whiteboards for projection offers you a high-quality, enhanced pixel projection.
  4. You may also feature your glass whiteboards with LED lighting to contribute a classy feel to your office milieu.
  5. You may also customise glass whiteboards by printing personal portraits or official brand emblems on the board’s surface.

Whiteboards made from Glass

Smartly Appealing

Designed with a frameless structure, glass whiteboards appear floating on your walls. The option of using various dimensions and colours of glass whiteboards is very innovative as it embellishes your office or classroom white still preserving standard functionality.

Frameless Glass Whiteboards