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5 Best Outdoor Notice Boards

Outdoor notice boards are beyond helpful when it comes to owning a business that needs to display messages externally. Communication is key in any industry, which makes an outdoor notice board a crucial piece of display equipment for any school, restaurant, church, or office building to have. These outdoor notice boards are used to post community notices, sale posts, advertisements, or just simply update the people that work in the area on any current happenings.

With an outdoor notice board, your company will really prosper. A lot of different businesses and a variety of venues use outdoor notice boards because using one enables them to communicate with the world around them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outdoor notice boards aren’t just for employees, they are great for the public too – passing along a message, a thanks, or a notice that would otherwise have to wait until much later.

Example of a notice board outside in situ

At Red17, we offer many different outdoor notice boards. They can be used to display menus outside of restaurants and cafés, to openly display opening times, or even used to advertise special events in a local venue. Whatever you need an outdoor notice board for, you’re sure to find the right one with us – but the question is, which outdoor notice board is right for you? Well, below, we’ve listed 5 of our favourites to help you make your decision:

1. Silver Lockable Pin Notice Boards

Sleek and professionally designed, these lockable pin notice boards are silver in colour and come with a built-in lock and a set of keys for you to hold on to. If you want somewhere to display your notices that will remain secure and completely waterproof, then this could be the perfect option for you. The frame extrudes 45mm away from whichever surface you decide to hang it on, and it can be used portrait or landscape. Its silver design is simply timeless.

Silver Key Lock Pin Notice Boards

2. Post Mounted Pin Board and Post

A secure outdoor notice board that comes with its own steel post. It’s lockable, and the design is resistant to both water and vandalism. There’s also a felt panel which is suitable for a range of media; giving you the freedom to post just about anything on this post-mounted pin board.

Post and Poster Case Pin Board

3. Shield Exterior Showcase Notice Board

At first glance, this notice board may seem ordinary, but it has the perfect amount of space to showcase any work or large notices that need to be displayed. With its blue cloth background, your outdoor notice board can look just a little more fun, instead of blending in with the world of metal and brick around it. This board is also Velcro-friendly and comes with two locks. The doors are fixed to the top hinges of this notice board, which helps support the design further.

Shield style wall mounted outdoor notice board

4. Freestanding Outdoor Pin Notice Board

When you have little outdoor space to fix a notice board to, or no way to put one up, then a freestanding outdoor notice board is exactly what your business or public area needs. It’s ideally designed for community areas, such as schools, parks, and churches, but its all-black design makes it perfect for any location. It’s heavy duty, and it’s extremely easy to assemble, too.

Post Mounted freestanding pin board

5. WeatherShield Header Sign Notice Board – Freestanding

Another freestanding design from us as Red17. The WeatherShield notice board comes with a space for your company or organisation’s name, as well as either a single or double locking door design. It’s available in 5 different colours, and a huge range of sizes – so it’s certain not to be missed if you’re posting an important notice.

Weather Shield Header Sign Notice Board

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