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Hanging posters are a unique form of advertising and can be incredible cost effective when it comes to displaying important information. Investing money in the designing of your posters is likely to be a higher priority, which means that hanging posters are the ideal way of displaying them.

Unfortunately, they’re often an overlooked form of poster display, and not many understand how hanging posters can actually benefit their business. In this article we’re going to look at 5 types of businesses that could benefit from these types of displays.

Estate Agents

Many high streets in a number of towns are jam packed with estate agents. It’s almost like you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing their advertisements in the windows. Utilising hanging posters in this way is a key tactic for the high street estate agent; it allows you to browse their current catalogue of properties whilst also being able to determine if there is anyone in the office you can speak to.

Likewise, this can work both ways. If estate agents can see people approaching the window, pointing and discussing what’s on display, it can not only give them a good idea as to which properties people are most interested in, but can also help agents to prepare when that couple who have been stood outside for a few minutes decide to come in.

High Street Stores

Realistically, most high street stores can benefit from hanging posters in their windows. Rather than blocking out the windows with large displays, customers can view the advertisement and also look beyond to the rest of the store, hopefully feeling encouraged to enter.

Particularly relevant for fashion stores, this technique can also be utilised by charity stores and any other kind of shop.

Universities and Colleges

It may not be the most obvious choice, but universities and colleges can benefit greatly from investing in hanging posters. Not only is it a cost effective solution and won’t eat too much into their advertising budget, hanging posters are great for the campus canteen and student union, allowing you to make the most of the ceiling space without overcrowding the room with unnecessary advertising.


For some cafes, depending on premise size, advertising on the walls may be difficult. Especially if you have a large window looking out onto the high street, determining how you use your wall space can be incredibly important. At the end of the day, you don’t want to cram the walls with advertising but leave at least some room for decoration.

Using hanging posters in the window is a great way around this; not only does it advertise your menu to your current customers already inside, but it can also display your menu externally to those passing by and encourage them to come in.


Similarly to cafes, restaurants can also benefit from this type of advertising. Many restaurants choose to utilise large windowed areas at the front of the premise in order to advertise how busy and popular they are, but by using a hanging poster, they can do this whilst also allowing their customers some privacy.

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