Notice Boards that are in the wrong location

5 Signs that your notice board is in the wrong location

Every business is fond of their notice boards. They are extremely useful for any type of establishment to have – whether you’re a large corporation or a small, local business. Schools use them to communicate with parents, Universities use them to inform their students about any clubs or local events, and restaurants use them to post their menus outside for visitors to peruse before they decide to come inside. Notice boards are everywhere, in various sizes, multiple colours, freestanding or fixed to walls, and even personalised with business names in bold text above the board, itself.

Noticeboard location error

However, despite all of these wonderful notice boards that surround us, sometimes there are a few issues. There are several ways to tell whether or not your notice board is in the right location, so we’ve complied those signs for you in this informative blog piece.

1. The board falls into disuse

If your notice board starts to fall into disuse, it’s most likely in the wrong place. Notice boards should have specific people looking after them to ensure that they don’t fall into disuse; these people can keep a notice board up to date and take down notices that are out of date. A notice board is the forefront for office communication, but they are often forgotten about when they’re put in corners of the office. Keep a notice board in the office break room, or at the front of the room where your office can see it whenever they look up from their computer screens.

Notice Board - Falls into disuse

2. The board is vandalised

If your notice board is outside and away from your CCTV, you may find that it starts to get vandalised; especially if the board is in a public place. Public notice boards often suffer from vandalisation, and the only way to prevent this from happening is to move your notice boards to a location that has security, CCTV, or is nearer to the entrance of your business.

Vandalised Notice Board

3. If no one is acting upon the notices

When you’ve put up particular notices that should have been read – such as emergency notices, system update notices, employee notices, or security notices – but haven’t been acted upon, then your notice boards are not being noticed or read as they should be. If this is happening, then you should move your notice boards to somewhere that is passed every day. For a school or educational institute, the entrance or reception is perfect. For offices, try the break room or by the lifts. Restaurants and cafés should have no issues having their notice boards right outside the door or in the outdoor seating area.

Tired unused outdoor notice board example

4. The notice board fades into the background

A notice board that is overwhelmed with information and flyers will be ignored. We tend to automatically ignore large walls of text, especially if everything is in black and white. Make your office notice boards more noticeable by adding more colour and putting them in a location that makes them difficult to ignore. Notice boards shouldn’t be tucked up into a corner, out of the way of your employees or the public. Instead, they should be visible from the moment that someone walks into the room that houses one of your notice boards.

Is this Notice Board in the right place?

5. No one knows about it

Next time you’re in a meeting, bring up the notice boards that your establishment has. If no one knows about the boards, then they’re in the wrong place and not garnering any attention. Make the board stand out, and that all of the information on the board is completely up to date.

Nice Notice Board but No Notices

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