Summer Events

5 Tips to Creating the Public Event No-One Will Forget

The summer season is rife with public events, community events and things to do in the sunshine. Everything from local school fayres to countryside drives, there’s an endless list of options to choose from, and no-one is ever short on something to do with their time.

The danger with this is many events are planned, advertised and hosted but visitors go away wondering why they even bothered. So how do you ensure you create the perfect public event that no-one will forget?

involve everyone

Involve everyone

There’s a lot of emphasis on families, and for good reason too; trying to fill those non-school days with something to keep the children occupied is one of the biggest challenges, so make sure you appeal to all ages. Include activities or elements for the older grandparents whilst incorporating fun for the children, too.

Ensuring there is something for all ages will keep everyone happy and create a memorable event.

Spread the word

Get the word out

There’s nothing worse than going to an event to discover there’s only a handful of people there. The atmosphere isn’t the same and it can quickly loose that sense of fun. Make sure you give your pre-event advertising the boost it needs, but don’t forget the event day.

Include banners and flags in all the popular places to redirect those who don’t already know. Hand out flyers in the local town centre or book the most popular venue you can find.


Include live entertainment

Whether it’s a farmers market or a fun day, live entertainment is a great way to keep the crowds. Many visitors will likely come and go within a few hours so the challenge is to keep them entertained throughout the day and keep them there for longer; the longer the better.

Live music is a great way to achieve this and will also create a fun and lively atmosphere. But there are other options too; comedians, magicians, entertainers, performers, there’s a lot to choose from. You could even go one step further and include live demonstrations such as falconry displays, monster trucks or stunt bikes.

Be clear

Unclear signage and poor directions can get the day off to a rubbish start. Make sure all your advertising includes an address, a post code perfect for the Sat Nav if possible/necessary and then when visitors are arriving on site, include clear signage.

Maybe even think about employing some marshals to help with car parking, point people in the right direction and help to diffuse some of that tension caused by frustration and confusion.

Don’t panic

Things are bound to go wrong; you can’t always rely on the weather, there could be a technical issue, or someone may have injured themselves. Whatever happens, don’t panic. Create a contingency plan for each eventuality, and then be sure to rehearse them beforehand. You can’t predict everything, so just remember to keep your cool and remain calm.

dont panic