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5 Top Tips for Getting Everyone to Enjoy that Community Spirit

Building and supporting a community can be incredibly difficult, irrelevant of whether you manage a church congregation or the local community centre. Whilst everyone loves a good community, it can be difficult to get everyone involved. So how do you boost that community spirit this summer?

Do something different

Many people lose interest in their local community because it just doesn’t excite them anymore, and it doesn’t provide any value. The best way round this is to do something different.

Think about hosting a big summer fete or organising a family fun day that’s more than just a little BBQ. If you can get creative with your event, you’re sure to get everyone involved. You can even use this time to raise a little money and show people what it is you want to invest it in. If you’re able to show future improvements, and get people excited about them, there’s likely to be a better community spirit in the air.

Be open

Many communities fall short of actually communicating with the local people, so you need to find ways to open these channels. Whether you decide to have a suggestion box, have an email address people can contact or install a community noticeboard, the decision is up to you.

Community Noticeboards

You want to make sure that whatever you decide to do, you need different contact avenues for different types of people. Whilst those of an older generation might enjoy browsing the local community notice board for upcoming events and contact numbers, the younger generations will more than likely prefer to get involved via social media or a website.

Involve the children

The best way to get the community involved is to ensure you appeal to all ages, and that includes the children. Family events are much more likely to get that community spirit going and bring people together. So when you come to organising your next event, think about age appropriateness.

Make yourself available

Nothing is worse than a community centre that isn’t open, or a community organiser who is never around. You need to ensure that you are available. Whether that’s you as an individual or you collectively as the community hall, that’s up to you. Availability will play a big part as to whether people feel engaged with you as a community entity or not.

Organise get-togethers

Finally, there’s more to community than the occasional big event. Whilst they’re great for bringing in the crowds and getting large volumes of people together, they don’t necessarily demonstrate the ideal community spirit – and if they do, it’s usually only for the day.

Instead, think about organising smaller, more regular get-togethers within the community. Perhaps a monthly book club, or a weekly Zumba class is what you need. Find out what it is the community wants and do your best to provide. It could just be a coffee morning once a week where people can come together for a chat over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

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