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5 Top Tips for Planning a Trade Show Exhibition

Tradeshows and exhibitions are a fundamental for many businesses and can form a big part of the sales pipeline. Whilst this is such an important part of ensuring you have a constant stream of business, there are some important planning tips you need to remember.

Who’s going?

You need to think about who’s going to be going to the event. It’s no good just sending anyone, you need your most seasoned and skilled sales people available to answer tricky questions on the spot without their arsenal of tools.

You also need to identify if it will be just your sales team going. Do you want to send a few marketing people too? If you know who’s going to be going then you can better prepare your team for what lies ahead.

Why are you exhibiting?

In order to ensure its success, you need to go back to basics. Why are you exhibiting in the first place? And it needs to be a reasonable explanation, too. Identifying why you’re exhibiting can help give you an aim or a goal for the event. Perhaps it’s because you want to improve brand awareness - in which case you may need a few marketing people there – or it could just be because you want to find more prospects.

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What are your advertising tools?

Every company exhibiting at any event or tradeshow has their own collection of advertising tools and you need to identify exactly what your resources are. Do you have a pop-up display stand? A giveaway? A banner stand or even a portable flag? Perhaps you have an advertising deal with the event organisers that you can leverage. Whatever you have available, ensure you’re maximising it.

Advertising stands and exhibition displays

Who are you targeting?

Anyone and everyone that comes through the doors are going to be coming your way but not everyone is going to be relevant to who you want to target. Knowing who you should be targeting for this specific event will not only help you sort through the leads at the end, buy you can also brief your team on what to look out for so they can better allocate their own time when in action.

What can you offer people?

You need to know upfront what you’re able to offer people. It’s no good your sales team pitching some of your products that are currently unavailable or talking about services that are still in production.

This is when you need to be thinking about the value your brand gives people and why visitors should stop and talk to you specifically. This could relate to a giveaway or competition that you’ll be running on the day. Whatever your tactic, be sure to know about it beforehand and have a plan, and a backup plan, and remember to brief your team that will be on the floor so everyone’s on the same page.

Plan and Prepare for your Tradeshow Event