A productive Workplace Begins with good communication

5 Ways You Can Boost Productivity in the Office

Employee productivity is a hot topic right now with many companies trying to understand how they’re employees work, what the productivity issues are and how to fix them. The general understanding is that high levels of productivity is closely related to employee wellbeing and job satisfaction, making these key things to monitor. So what simple ways can you boost employee productivity.


Create a social space

Social areas are great for allowing employees to unwind, step away from their work stations and interact with colleagues. With corporate giants such as Google and Red Bull putting an emphasis on social spaces, creating a fun area with a pool table, ping pong or a games console can go a long way to helping employees recharge their batteries during their lunch breaks.

Google Staff Room

Create a relaxed environment

If work is more enjoyable for your employees, and they’re happier, they’re more likely to want to work and therefore their productivity levels will go up. Employee happiness could boost productivity by as much as 12% and create a nicer working environment for everyone involved.

Increase Productivity

If employees are too worried about breaking rules, stepping out of line, or wearing the right clothes, their attention is going to be distracted by this negativity. A more relaxed approach will help everyone to feel more at ease and allow individuals to reach their potential.

Encourage collaboration

Collaboration between colleagues can be very effective in boosting productivity as a whole. With more employees collaborating with each other, work can be shared and delegated, utilising different people’s skills and allowing everyone to be more productive.

Group work can also provide better results, spur ideas and create inspiration which is beneficial for the business as a whole. To achieve this, think about the tools your employees have available and how you can help to encourage a collaborative work environment. Tools such as whiteboards and notice boards are ideal for single-office projects whereas digital tools such as Trello and Slack may be better for multi-office projects.

Encourage communication

Communication is a key part of getting things done. Encouraging open communication can be incredibly important to productivity. Without the correct communication channels, tasks can be done incorrectly and will require employees to go back and redo them, thus limiting how productive they are.

Provide workplace benefits

Job satisfaction is a key part of productivity, as we’ve already established, and one way to achieve that level of happiness within the workplace is to provide workplace benefits. This can range from something simple like offering biscuits and treats in the office, to something more costly like a social, team building event.

Assigning a certain level of budget for your workplace perks can go a long way to improving job satisfaction and workplace productivity, whilst also allowing your employees to feel more fulfilled in their roles and happier all round.

Whiteboard Wall helps with Office Productivity