Boost Your Branding

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand

Branding and brand awareness have become key factors in a business’ success in 2018. Whilst many customers will always shop around for the cheapest service on offer, many more are demonstrating their loyalty with brands that can deliver great customer service as well as a great product.

With brand recognition so important in boosting customer loyalty and differentiating one business from another, what could you be doing to help boost your brand?

Provide good customer service

We’ve already mentioned that good customer service is key. Whether you own a high street coffee shop or a global conglomerate, providing excellent customer service is what’s going to satisfy your customers. Even if you find customers reporting a number of complaints, dealing with these efficiently and correctly could help to create a positive experience with your brand and not damage their loyalty.

Customer Service

Create a seamless message

Messaging is the fundamental element of all branding. Your brand will convey a particular message through its style, colour and usage, and so it’s vital that the message you create is seamless across all mediums.

This includes ensuring your signage on the front of your shop matches the branding used on your leaflets. And whilst colour and logo are often the main two components to think about, it’s also important to consider your choice of words and phrases when creating literature or signs. For example, a chalk board A-frame out front is going to need to be identifiable with your brand, and so it’s no good referencing another company’s tagline.

Brand Identity

Differentiate yourself from the competition

There may be a hundred coffee shops on the average high street, but each one is different and will offer a unique experience. Walking into a Starbucks is different to walking into a Costa, and likewise with the smaller, non-chain shops. Look at what it is your competition are doing and ask yourself how you could do it better or do it differently. Creating a recognisable brand this way is something that will resonate strongly with your customers, build loyalty and pave the way for success.

Define yourself from the competition

Interact on social media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. This doesn’t mean just posting the occasional update about your new menu items but think of ways in which to engage with the general public. Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Post behind the scenes photos
  • Share images of events
  • Create pictures that focus on your products
  • Ask questions
  • Reply to comments
  • Interact with other brands

Social Media

Getting involved with social media can lead to a big boost in brand awareness, and injecting some personality can go even further. Wendy’s is a brand renowned for its sassy social replies, and it works a treat.

Create a strategy

Before you can begin to grow your brand, you need to come up with a definitive strategy. Trying a few of these techniques with no set plan in place could lead to wasted efforts.

Think about which element of your brand you want to work on and create a plan on how you’re going to achieve this, what’s needed, how long you think it may take and what your end goal is going to be.

Brand Strategy

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