Literature Stands

6 Advantages of a Literature Stand

Literature stands and leaflet dispensers are incredibly useful and versatile tools that can benefit a wide range of business types. Whilst initially associated with places like libraries and waiting rooms, literature stands can, in fact, be used by almost anyone.


If you regularly showcase at tradeshows and exhibitions, then a literature stand is a must. Being collapsible and portable means that it’s easy to transport these types of stands without too much hassle. You’ll also get a heavy-duty carry case to help with carrying and storing.


A good quality literature stand is going to be strong as well as sturdy. Whilst also being portable, these useful advertising displays can hold a variety of leaflets, brochures and magazines without you needing to worry whether it can hold up.

Wire Desktop Lieterature Dispenser

This is largely down to design and locking arms that maximise the structure’s strength whilst keeping it firmly in place; ideal for places such as waiting rooms and reception areas where it may be necessary to store a larger volume of literature.


Whilst you can buy non-portable literature stands and dispensers, opting for one that is easy to move will also mean that it’s lightweight and easier to carry. Being made from lighter materials means that should you need to move your stand from one venue to another for museum exhibitions or shows, it’s easy to do so.

Similarly, many businesses choose to experiment with the placement of their stands. In a library, for example, you may find that more people are interested in the literature when the stand is by the door, yet moving it to be next to the main desk could also work, but you won't know until you try it out!


One main difficulty of advertising leaflets and literature is that it often only points in one direction and so the stand needs to be up against a wall or very strategically placed for maximum effect. However, in some venues, such as a museum entrance or hallway, being able to showcase multiple leaflets in a number of different directions is incredibly important and more likely to attract people to browse.

Revolving Literature Stand

This is easily achieved with a rotational stand and can not only encourage visitors to pick up a leaflet but entices them to have a look at what else is there; you will often see people rotating the selection to make sure they haven’t missed out on anything.


Whether able-bodied or in a wheelchair, leaflet stands can cater to all heights and be accessible to everyone, even children. Being able to display literature this way is incredibly important for all businesses and demonstrates an inclusive attitude.

Brochure Stands


Whether you’re looking to display the business' latest portfolio brochure in the reception area, or your high street business’ new event on a leaflet, literature stands can cater to a wide variety of literature types.

Even if you have a few magazines out in the local hair salon, or some children’s books in the doctor’s waiting room, not all literature is going to be the same shape or size, so you need to be able to cater for everything..

Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispensers

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