6 Affordable Ways You Can Promote Your Event

A successful trade show event can have a big impact on a business and bring in a whole host of new custom. But there’s more to it than just rocking up with some good material. Buying your roller banner stands and pop up exhibition displays is simply one part of the process. In this article, we’re going to look at 6 different ways you can promote your event to ensure that you make the most of it.

examples of roller banners

Social media

Using social media should be your simple go-to when it comes to advertising your event. If you’re a single stand at a trade-show or the exhibition organiser, interacting on social media with others that will be exhibiting and visitors that are planning to come will create a great social buzz and more than likely boost your profile. This is also important for ensuring you’re a memorable brand. Individuals planning to come to the show may discover you on social and then make a point of finding you at the event. This type of engagement is invaluable and more likely to end in a sale.


If the event is going to be quite local, then leaflets can be a great way of advertising. You can speak to other businesses and ask them to display them in the windows and their visiting areas. Similarly if your workplace has regular visits from your clients, then showcasing the events you will be at could simply be another vital touchpoint in their customer journey.


Blogs and content marketing are crucial in today’s business world. They go a long way to establishing brand authority and showcasing your expertise knowledge. If you’re exhibiting, then leverage this platform to share with your audience that you’ll be at a particular event. You can also leverage your blog by sharing guest contributions from others that are exhibiting, or even the event organiser in exchange for appearing on their own blog.

Build partnerships

This is where it’s important to build partnerships; building the correct partnerships can seriously pay off. Whether it gets you additional exposure in front of a larger audience, first selection on your stand placement or boosts your profile, making friends with the right people and cutting a deal could go a long way to ensuring this exhibition is a success.

Your website

Likewise building partnerships is important, so is becoming a brand ambassador. If you’re exhibiting at a particular event, then it’s important to announce this and cement your role in the industry as someone who is involved and committed.

Email newsletters

Many business fail to realise the true power of their email lists. In and amongst all those emails are current customers and potential ones. This is your chance to raise the profile of the event, share the news that you will be exhibiting and perhaps meet some of those who have not yet converted into a sale. Additionally, many businesses will leverage their email lists to offer limited time discounts in coordination with the event or even encourage visitors to claim a discount if they meet you at your stand – the possibilities are endless.

Example of a pop up display stand for tradeshows and exhibitions