High Street Retail Business

6 Cost Effective Advertising Tips for Your High Street Business

High street businesses are limited in a number of ways; they don’t have the reach of a digital online business and so need to focus on the physical presence of customers. With this being a number one challenge, it’s important to cut costs when it comes to advertising whilst still ensuring it’s effective.

Loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes are a great way to bring in customers. Whether you encourage them to take a card that’s stamped each time they visit – suitable for coffee shops – or if you have a more complicated loyalty point scheme – suitable for shops and restaurants – this can help to reward those customer that are most loyal and keep them coming back again and again.

Social pages

It would be foolish in this modern digital age to not have social pages or a website. Even if you just set up a Facebook page where you share updates about the business and special offers, this can help to boost awareness. You can then also look to create Facebook adverts and boost the awareness of your business by showcasing what’s on offer.

High Street Signage

Street signs

You can’t always rely on passers-by to pop in, so signage can be incredibly important. Whether you want a simple forecourt sign or something more like a chalkboard a-frame – perfect for pubs – adding this additional signage out front with your latest offerings can make a big difference to who comes in.

Pavement Signs


Some businesses invest in sending out leaflets, and whilst they can be useful for some, many find it’s a large investment for a small return – and one that is almost impossible to measure. Banners at the front of your business or further down the high street can have a bigger impact on awareness and bringing in the customers.

Special offers

Let’s face it, we all love a special offer. When we walk down the high street, almost every store is trying to entice us in with their latest offers, so why should you be any different? Whether it’s discounts on food for restaurants and cafes, or a limited time sale for other high street businesses, advertising your special offers will definitely encourage visitors.

Shop Front Signage

Think about your windows

Many businesses often disregard the importance of window displays. For those that don’t sell food and drink, the window is perhaps the most important part of the shop as it can showcase your products and encourage passers-by to come in and browse. Window dressing is a very important skill in this highly competitive market and if you don’t have the confidence to do this yourself, then perhaps think about hiring an external company.

No matter how small your business, there are always cost effective ways to advertise it and boost your brand awareness. You don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money to see some sort of return, so get a little creative and think outside the box. Get to know who your customers are and think about how you could reach more of them.

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