6 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Pavement Sign

6 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Pavement Sign

It’s easy to get into habits and routines when you’re running a business. You arrive at a certain time each morning, you pick up a coffee on the way or turn the kettle on when you get in, you hang your coat in one spot in the back room. And then you, or one of your staff members, take out the pavement sign and set it up outside the business. The same pavement sign, on the same patch of pavement, each and every day.

Maybe you have a wonderful pavement sign. One of the best pavement signs out there. But have you ever given thought to whether or not it’s time to invest in a change for the better?

The following are just some of the tell-tale signs of a business that needs a new pavement sign.

1. People Don’t Know Where Your Business Is Located

Attracting the attention of new customers and guiding them to your place of business, a good pavement sign is vital to the success of a brick-and-mortar small business. Your business needs to draw in people who are driving or walking by and haven’t tried your products yet.

If your business has been in the same spot for a while and you still get visitors who say “I had no idea this place was here!”, it may be time to get a new pavement sign.

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2. Your Sign Doesn’t Match Your Brand

Your differentiation, your brand, and the standards against which you hold your business should all be reflected neatly and clearly on your signage. If you’ve rebranded recently, or even just redecorated, it may be time to change your sign so that people once again know what to expect when they enter your business.

On a related note, your sign isn’t going to convey your brand very well if it is smudged or broken. It can be difficult to keep signs safe as they won’t always be in your line of sight, but if your pavement sign is damaged it may be your best plan of action to replace it.

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Is Replacing My Sign Really That Important?

It is incredibly noticeable if a business has a bad sign. People walking or driving past will notice your mistakes, whether they’re on a massive billboard or a small pavement sign.

And there are so many ways in which a sign can be “bad”. Unacceptable imagery, poor syntax, incorrect branding and spelling mistakes are all massive no-nos when it comes to signage. It only takes one or two misspelt words to ruin an otherwise fine sign.

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3. Your Sign Doesn’t Match the Season

In an ideal world, your business will have a number of different pavement signs that you can use at different times of the year. Not all businesses have the capital or storage space to manage that, though.

Even if you can only have one, year-round pavement sign for your business, you can take the seasons into account. Nobody needs to see a sign advertising refreshing beverages to cool you down in the winter, or thick jumpers to keep you warm in the middle of a heatwave. If your sign isn’t appropriate at all times, it may be time to invest in a new one with a more neutral design!

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4. Your Sign Keeps Blowing Over, Takes Up Too Much Space or Gets Ignored

The type of sign that you use really depends on your specific business needs and where your business is located. Displaying useful information from the pavement or telling customers your business is open can be done in a number of different ways. Each of the more common types of pavement sign comes with its own set of benefits.

A-Boards resemble the letter ‘A’, allowing information to be displayed on both sides.

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Forecourt signs are designed to be seen by drivers, and to withstand difficult weather conditions.

Swing board signs swing to attract attention from passers-by, and can withstand windy weather.

Chalkboard signs allow you to change the message as often as you like, and are perfect for creative businesses with lots of ideas.

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5. Your Competitors’ Signs Are Similar to Yours

However unique your sign was when you first designed it, times and trends are always changing, and other businesses may well have caught up to you by now. Having a sign that looks too similar to your competitors’ is never a good idea. The whole purpose of a sign is to stand out from the crowd and communicate to potential customers what makes your business special. If your sign looks just like the other signs on the street, it isn’t doing that.

To make matters worse, potential customers who have been told to visit your business for any reason may end up going into the wrong business if they mistake their sign for yours. Don’t lose business to poor visibility!

6. It’s a Nightmare to Set Up

Pavement signs are quick and easy to place, and they can be moved with ease. Pavement signs should always be easy to set up, however challenging other forms of customised signage may be. If you want to make sure your pavement sign is in the optimum position, you need to be able to move it around.

If your sign is old, it can get damaged and become difficult to set up. This defeats the entire purpose of a pavement sign’s simplicity, and suggests it is time to get a new one.

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If one or more of the statements above apply to your pavement sign, it may well be time to pick up a new one. Your sign has worked hard for you all these years, but we all have to retire sooner or later!

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