brochures in literature stand

Literature stands can come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own array of benefits. Determining which type will best suit your needs can be a minefield if you don’t understand what each type of literature stand is for. Here we’re going to look at our categories of literature stands and how they can be used.


If you’re looking to display a large number of leaflets or literature, then a revolving stand is the best option. Ideal for those looking to add a feature to a waiting room, reception area, or exhibition space, revolving literature stands can display a wide variety of literature in a wide variety of different sizes, too. This means you can often display your A4 magazines alongside your A5 leaflets.

All Clear Revolving Leaflet Literature Stand

Wall mounted

If space isn’t a luxury, wall mounted dispensers are likely to be the option. Also ideal for making literature available at eye level, there is some argument that these types of stands are often more accessible to visitors and guests. Suitable for any office, trade show, or public space, these types of stands can look very professional.

Shelf Style Wall Mounted Literature Stands


If the purpose of your literature is to be displayed at events and exhibitions, then portable literature stands are likely to be more appropriate. Designed to be transported, many of our products in this category are collapsible and come with easy to use carry cases as well to make transportation as seamless as possible.

Zed-Up Lite Case Leaflet Holder and Portable Literature Display Stands


Similar to revolving and portable stands, if you’re looking for something more generic, then freestanding literature stands are ideal. Varying in style and functionality, freestanding dispensers can cater to a wide range of literature types.

bamboo freestanding Literature Stand


Perhaps you’re looking for something a little smaller, or your budget is particularly tight? Desktop literature stands are ideal for displaying a handful of brochures. This is perfect for businesses with reception desks or those who do a lot of their interaction at a counter. This could apply to pubs, high street stores, coffee shops, as well as office-based businesses.

Wire Desktop Literature Dispensers


For many, the issue of mobility will be a key consideration when choosing a literature stand. Ensuring that your dispenser is mobile and able to be moved about with very little effort could be exactly what you need. Ideal for a multipurpose environment, mobile literature stands can be used in the office, at exhibitions, in the meeting room or even at trade shows. Being able to move the stand means that you can adjust its positioning to suit a particular purpose or transport it to an entirely different location with ease.

Mobile Quatro Literature Stands

Choosing which type of literature stand is best for your needs can be difficult, so it’s first important to identify exactly why you need one and what it would be used for. The additional feature of extra mobility might not be necessary for your purpose which could mean a wall mounted option is much more appropriate.