6 Ways the Office Could Benefit from Poster Cases

Poster cases are a great tool for high street businesses, retail stores, universities and cafes, but they could also prove to be invaluable in the office. Whether you’re looking to create a more inclusive environment or provide important information, poster cases are worth considering.

Community space

Building a business is more about making money and in order to become successful, you need to think about the culture in your organisation. Creating a community space where employees can share and get involved is a great way to develop an employee personality for your brand.

Although noticeboards are ideal for this, you may want to start with a poster case as this is a much more controlled method and can help to set the standard for what goes on display.

Key information

Some information you need to have out on display all the time, and having a poster case mounted on the wall for this purpose is a great way to display it. The information you showcase could be everything from who the first aider is, to the most up-to-date insurance certificate.

Key Lock Poster Cases

Who you are

If you have a reception area, then it may be a good idea to display who your company is and who works there. It will require updating regularly but using a poster case to show the faces of top management can be a great way of introducing your staff to visitors before they actually get to meet them – they’ll definitely know who to look out for.

Who's Who Poster Cases

When you have internal promotions and job changes, this can also be an effective way for everyone to know exactly who does what. If someone isn’t sure what Joe’s new job title is, they just need to check the poster case.

Team building events

Team building events are a great opportunity to build that company culture, allow employees to get to know each other and for everyone to have fun without having to worry about the bottom line or productivity levels. So why not showcase the photos from the latest team building event in a poster case? You could even include impromptu lunches out or time spent in the sunshine to show the fun and lively personalities in your company.

Added colour

Let’s face it, some offices can often look a little drab. But introducing a spot of colour is often harder than it seems. Why not buy a few inexpensive poster cases and fill them with motivational posters? Not only will it add a touch of colour to the walls, it may just inspire a few of your employees too.

Hallway cases for posters in offices

Engage employees

At the end of the day, engaged employees are productivity employees, and we all know that means money. Engaging your employees with something as simple as a poster case on the wall filled with fun pictures can really go far to building a healthy company culture and keeping morale high.

Try asking your employees what they think and see if you can get any good suggestions on how to use the space you have or what to include in the poster case.

Large Poster Case