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6 Ways to Boost School Communication With Notice Boards

There’s no doubt that effective communication underpins successful schools across the UK. It’s not just about teaching but giving children and parents all the information they need to engage and make the most of their potential.

Most schools will have notice boards for events such as sports days, trips and the traditional school play. But they can be so much more than that and make a huge difference to everyone’s connection to school life.

If you have areas of empty wall in your school then these suggestions may make you think about including more notice boards in the future.

1. Information for Pupils

School notice boards can be put up anywhere and installed in just a few short minutes. They can go in corridors, in classrooms, in receptions and common rooms to name just a few. They can also be used to display a wide range of information, everything from year time tables to exam results.

The boards can be colour coded and hold certain kinds of information relating to different classes, subject areas or by types of posts. With a little thought and organisation, you can really super-boost the amount of information you provide for everyone.

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2. Displaying Artwork

There’s no better thing than a notice board or two which is displaying work completed by pupils. Not only does it look great when Ofsted and parents pay a visit, it can help enthuse the children themselves. A great notice board in a prominent position is perfect for celebrating individual achievement.

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3. Photos of Events

Many schools take photos of events that they have run like sports days or competitions they have taken part in. The most common option is to post these online. But you can also have the images printed out and create a board that people are able to see and enjoy as they pass by.

If your school has won an award, you can use a portable display board to add more information alongside the cup or medal.

4. Advertising Events

Not everyone has a school app or access to the website, so advertising events on a noticeboard in a stand out location can improve exposure. That can be for a sports day or the school play or even your next parent’s evening.

5. Better Teaching

Notice boards don’t have to be static. At Red 17, we sell a wide range of school whiteboards, for example, which can be used for a variety of purposes. If you want pupils to keep the basic tenets of a particular subject at the forefront of their minds having a useful reminder on a noticeboard in class can certainly be helpful.

School notice boards can be used for maps in geography lessons, anatomy diagrams in biology, or famous artists and techniques in art classes.

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6. Indoors and Outdoors

The good news is that you don’t have to contain your use of school notice boards to the inside of buildings. Placing one near the entrance to the school can mean parents are able to see information when they drop their children off.

Finding the Right School Notice Boards

Notice boards are really useful for disseminating information about your school to both parents and pupils but they keep everything looking tidy as well.

At Red 17, we have a range of different size school notice boards that can be used for a variety of purposes. These include lockable cabinet style notice boards for outdoors as well as frameless Velcro friendly boards that are suitable for the classroom and corridors. Sizes are available from A4 upwards which means you can find a product to suit almost any space.

You’ll find more information on our main school notice board page.

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