6 Ways to Hang a Poster

Posters add visual interest to any space. Perfect for sharing information and decorating a room, they make a bold impact no matter where you hang them.

There are countless reasons why you might choose to hang a poster in your school, workplace or commercial property. Maybe you want to motivate your employees, celebrate your students’ achievements, or display important information. Posters are also a great way to catch the attention of potential clients or customers who might be walking past.

Once you have the posters designed and printed, you need to think about how you want to display them. Sure, you can try to blue tack them to the wall, but this can look unprofessional and messy. Over time, your posters will start to peel off of the wall, and they are vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Some shop owners use cello tape or other adhesives directly on the paper, but this makes swapping them out impossible, and gives customers a negative impression of the business.

Professional poster hanging kits are the best way to present any poster. Instead of worrying about your poster decaying over time or falling off the wall, you can focus on running your business.

There are 6 main options for professionally hanging posters. We can help you with any of the following poster hanging systems. Don’t see exactly what you need? Please get in touch – we can modify and customise most of the following, or we can work on a bespoke solution just for you needs.

1) Poster Hanger - Slide In Poster Hanging Rails

Poster hanging rails are one of the most efficient and attractive ways to hang a poster. They add a professional flair to even the most basic poster, making it look even more polished, ideal for business and academic settings.

A poster hanger rail is idea for paper, card, rigid plastics and flexible banners, allowing you to hang paper that are up to 1mm thick. You just need to attach hooks and lines (not included in most orders), and you can set up your poster in a highly trafficked area and start to grab attention.

This is an eye-catching and attractive option that is affordable and easy to install, and it is best for use indoors. If you have a more heavy duty poster to hang indoors, you will likely need to use the next option.

2) Poster Clamp - Heavy Duty Poster Hanging Rails

There are many reasons why you might want to use a heavier duty poster hanger for an indoor space. If you are placing the poster in a school, little hands are often reaching up to grab papers – a poster clamp will keep them firmly in place. If it is in a boisterous atmosphere, like a pub or a nightclub, accidents can happen easily, and a clamp will keep your expensive printed materials up on the wall where they belong.

Poster clamps are heavy duty poster hanging rails that come with gripper action. They are designed to hold printed materials that are up to 0.5mm thick. They are perfect for heavy posters, or banners printed on vinyl. The grips make changing posters very simple – it can be done within a few minutes with no hassle or fuss.

3) Poster Frames

Whether you need to hang a poster outdoors or indoors, poster frames come in all kinds of sizes, colours and styles. With a poster frame, you will mount your poster on the wall rather than suspend it from hangers.

Poster frames add a professional look to any poster, making things look clean, organised and well presented. Poster frames come in many different sizes, meaning that you can show off your products, services, or important messages no matter what size your printed materials.

Poster frames utilise a snap action mechanism that will lock your poster into place. You then top this with the supplied anti-glare cover sheets. This ensures that everyone can read your message, and your paper will be protected and safe over time.

While these frames make your posters look more professional, they have many other benefits. People in high traffic areas love that poster frames keep their potentially expensive printed materials looking their best, even in areas where people might bump into them or spill liquids.

When your posters are outdoors, the anti-glare plastic covers protect them from water damage from rain or inclement weather. While most people have good intentions, there are always those who like to cause trouble. A poster frame prevents would-be vandals from defacing your materials.

If you have a rare, vintage, signed, or otherwise valuable poster, placing it in a poster frame will keep it safe and sound, and help to retain its value.

4) Trapease® Paper Hanging System

A Trapease Paper Hanging System is an expandable hanging system that could not be easier to use. A lot of our clients find that they work well for hanging materials or charts in training rooms, classrooms, and office spaces. They can also be used as a simple and affordable way to hang artwork in any home or office. .

We often recommend that our clients who need space for brainstorming sessions use the Trapease Paper Hanging System, as it can be converted to an all-white system. This makes it perfect for training and learning environments.

If you need to hang materials of varying thicknesses side by side, this is an ideal solution. It’s available in three different standard lengths, and you can connect these end to end to create a hanging system that is as long as you need. Our clients tell us that they appreciate just how easy it is to hang, as it can be snap fitted to the wall, or attached with adhesive strips.

5) Hanging Sign Slide-In Frame

In some situations, posters need to be changed on a regular basis in order to update point of sale or promotional advertising. When your campaign or the season changes, you can easily update your branding by sliding new posters into your frame.

A Hanging Sign & Poster Frame is well suited for these purposes. First, mount your poster to a 1 - 4 mm thick board (making them 5 mm in total), and then you can easily swap your posters in and out as many times as needed. This frame allows your materials to be viewed from both sides (if needed), as it is double sided and suited to A1/ A2/ A3/ or A4 literature.

The Hanging Sign & Poster Frame comes with optional hooks, and can be oriented horizontally or vertically (we will ask you your preference at the time you order).

6) Headliner-Lite Window Poster Pocket

In most retail environments, your windows are your most valuable real estate. After all, this is what potential customers and returning clients see when they walk past or approach your business. If you want to display posters in your windows in a simple yet attractive way, Poster Pockets (with included window suckers) are the best solution.

Poster Pockets are designed for both single and double sided indoor displays, ensuring that you maximise your advertising opportunities. Your printed materials can be seen from both inside and outside of your shop.

The Poster Pocket system is simple to use, and makes it easy to change the poster whenever you wish. Simply lift the cover, remove the current poster, add in the new poster, and pop the cover back into place. The vacuum suckers fit snugly into keyhole cut outs, meaning that no tools are required to make the switch. You can change your posters as often or infrequently as you wish, and it will be a breeze each time.

The Poster Pocket comes in three sizes – A1, A2 and A3. Each order comes with 2 cover sheets (UV stable 700 micron PET) and four vacuum suckers.

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