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Pavement signs can be a great investment for any business and one that is fairly inexpensive. In fact, there are a whole host of advantages available to businesses looking to leverage the power of pavement signs. Read on to find out exactly what they are.

Bring customers inside

The fundamental use of pavement signs is to bring customers inside by raising awareness of who you are and what you do. Particularly effective for those who aren’t in a high traffic area, pavement signs can be used to redirect pedestrians and bring in extra customers.

Advertise special offers

Like most businesses in January and February, it’s likely that you’re looking to advertise a special offer to encourage people through the door. Pavement signs are an excellent way to do this, especially if you choose to buy one with an easily interchangeable graphic. You can get a variety of different designs done, including a couple with some special offers, and swap them over as and when necessary. If you feel you have enough customers for the moment, simply swap the graphic out for something else.

This could be useful if your special offer is only valid during the week, or perhaps during the day, and saves buying multiple pavement signs which can be costly and also difficult to store.

Pavement Signs

Double-sided for added visibility

Being double-sided means that you have twice as much space to advertise, and that you can advertise your message in two different directions. On the one side, you might want to advertise a special offer, whilst on the other an upcoming event.

Double Sided Signs for pavements

Tamper-proof (depending on style)

Most pavement signs are going to be tamper-proof. This is somewhat dependant on the type of pavement sign you have, for example, chalkboards aren’t the most tamper-proof sign but those that are pre-printed are pretty safe from vandalism.

Swing Signs with Poster Pocket


Like most business advertising, you’re going to want to stand out from the crowd and pavement signs are ideal for this. Designed specifically for you, this is a unique form of advertising that is really easy to leverage. You can take inspiration from the competition or try something completely different. Your imagination is your limit!

Custom Printed Pavement Signs

Successful for a variety of campaigns

Whether you’re running a campaign to improve attendance at upcoming events, to boost the number of meal deals you sell, or simply get more customers through the door, pavement signs are an incredibly versatile tool and can be used to help you achieve whatever your campaign is for.

Shows off your brand personality

We’ve all seen them. Those chalkboard A-frames outside pubs with a funny joke, or clever pun. Leveraging pavement signs this way not only makes you memorable but also shows off your brand personality and can go a long way to winning customers. Brand loyalty is one of the biggest customer retention methods and establishing the voice of your brand, whilst also nurturing current and future customers, could all hinge on how much personality you include in your advertising.

Branded Pavement Signs

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