Display Stands for Exhibitions on the go

7 Advantages of Pop-Up Display Stands

Pop-up display stands are a must-have for any company looking to exhibit at an event or tradeshow. The initial cost of such an investment can often be off-putting for small businesses looking to foray into the world of trade shows and exhibitions, but don’t let that stand in the way. Obviously not as cost friendly as the standard roller banner stand, pop-up displays offer a wider range of benefits that every business can take advantage of.

Easy to assemble

Many businesses are intimidated by what they assume to be the complexity of such a product, but in reality, pop-up display stands are really easy to put together, and many come with self-locking ‘smart’ magnetic arms, minimising the hassle involved. Sure, it takes a little longer than erecting a banner stand, but it’s no more complex and the overall outcome is much more impressive.

Easy Assembly Portable Pop-Up Display Stands

Eye catching

When there’s hundreds of stands at a single event, catching the eye of those passing by is crucial and a display stand is much more capable of that than other exhibition materials. With such a large canvas to work with, it’s simple and easy to create something that is big and bold.

Exhibition Stands

Maximise brand message

And due to such a large canvas, this means you have more space to optimise your brand message. Engaging visitors at an exhibition or trade show is the main aim for many businesses, but often people are intimidated by stands where information is not made clear and therefore they aren’t sure who it is they’re speaking to.

Quick Pop-Up Stands


Let’s face it, an empty backdrop is just not as professional looking. If you want to make an impression, engage potential leads and ensure the event is a success, then you’re going to have to ensure your sales team know exactly what they’re talking about and that they come across as professional experts in their field. A pop-up display behind them that advertises who you are and what you do is the ideal first step to achieving this.


And if you can create a professional outwardly appearance, your product or service is likely to come across as more impressive as a result. Visitors passing by a stand with a single banner stand are not likely to be overly impressed by what they see, yet a big, bold statement identifying what your company does is much more effective.

Backdrop Pop-up Displays

Maximise space

Depending what size booth you’ve booked, it’s going to be important to maximise that space as effectively as possible. Where pop-up display stands are quite narrow, they don’t take up much space, despite providing such a large canvas to work with. Especially if you’ve got several sales people on your stand, it’s going to be more important than ever to make the most of the space available to you.

Space Saving Trade-show Display Stands

Easy to transport

As you can imagine, these displays don’t come in a single piece which means assembling and dissembling it is necessary. We’ve already established that this is fairly easy and because of the way these stands are designed, they’re not too heavy which means transporting them is also very easy.

Pop-Up Display Stands