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7 Advertising Tools Every Restaurant Needs

When it comes to successfully running a restaurant, physical location can often be a challenge and this means there are more hurdles to overcome in comparison to a digital business. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right advertising tools, every restaurant can become a resounding success in no time.

Menu Cases

Outdoor menu

Displaying a menu outdoors is one of the best ways to encourage those passing by to come on in. Particularly effective in high traffic areas such as shopping centres and leisure complexes, outdoor menus are incredibly effective but it’s important that you use the correct mount as not all are waterproof and suitable for being outdoors..

Pavement sign

Pavement signs are often more commonly seen in association with pubs and cafes but that doesn’t mean restaurants can leverage this incredibly useful tool. Especially if you’re set back from the main footfall area, a pavement sign could be exactly what you need to help redirect traffic your way and still have a presence on the main high street.

Menu on Pavement Sign


Just because you have a physical location doesn’t mean you can’t leverage some of the digital tools out there. Building a website is one of the best ways to build awareness and reputation. The modern world relies heavily on digital and you’ll find many customers, particularly in the younger generations, will refer to online menus before making a decision and so a website is critically important.

Floor standing menu holder

As well as an outdoor menu mounted on the wall, it might work in your favour to have a floor standing menu holder with leaflets that passers-by can take at their own leisure. This not only allows them to make a decision without being pressured but natural word of mouth may improve reach and bring in more people.

Freestanding Leaflet Stand


Additionally, it may be worth hiring someone to deliver leaflets in the local vicinity, especially if you’ve only recently opened as this can help to build awareness whilst also advertising your menu. Compared to digital advertising, this is a fairly cost-effective way of advertising your restaurant and you’ll find many people keeping hold of your menu as a future reminder..


Social media profiles

As well as having a digital presence on the general World Wide Web, in order to build that presence, it’s important to also have social profiles. This doesn’t mean you need to be on every channel, but identify which channels your customers use and create a profile there. For example, Facebook is likely to be your go-to social network but will Twitter be as valuable and do your customers go to Twitter for food recommendations? You may find that you’d be better on Instagram where the platform is much more image focused and you can showcase your food better.

Good marketing skills

Finally, above all else, one of the most important advertising tools is good marketing skills. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you haven’t got good marketing know-how, then advertising is going to be a challenge so maybe invest some time and resources on improving this are of your business.

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