Menu Displays for Restaurants

7 Great Ways to Display Your Menu

Not all restaurants and cafes have recognised the benefits of displaying their menu outside. Investing in something as simple as a light box can help customers decide whether they should come in or not. Giving them this choice before they’ve entered may seem as though it’s more likely to put people off, but actually, you’ll find the opposite. We’re all creatures of habit and this means that new and unfamiliar is not something we usually enjoy. Restaurants that don’t display their menus outside are going to be less likely to entice passers-by to come in. By showcasing your greatest asset – your menu – they’re more likely to be tempted.

Menu Display Cases

With leaflets

This is a more traditional method but one that is still important. Printed leaflet and leaflet distribution is a great way to reach out to the local community and build brand awareness. It works in a similar way to the outdoor menu idea but this time you’re reaching those who don’t just happen to be walking by.

On the tables

No we’re not talking about the standard table menu, but thinking more about innovative ways to showcase certain items on your menu. Table top chalkboards, for example, can highlight a special deal that you have on or a new item on the menu that might otherwise have been easily missed.

Table top chalkboards

On the walls

Let’s take the previous idea and increase the canvas size. If you’re creating notices on the tables, why not create a menu on the wall. Install a large chalkboard behind the counter or bar and regularly update your menu there. This is a common technique used in pubs when showcasing what the ‘specials’ are.

Framed Chalkboards

With A-frames

Although very similar to displaying your menu outside via a light display box, A-frame signs can actually be used both indoors and out and are worth a special mention because of this. Whilst display boxes are ordinarily mounted on the wall, A-frames can be moved and positioned to reach more people.

Chalkboard A-Board Signs

On your website

This largely goes without saying but every business should have a website and be displaying their menu on it, however it’s often a surprise just how many haven’t quite cottoned on to this yet. Especially when trying to encourage the younger generations to spend money with you instead of ordering a takeaway, the first thing they’re going to look at is whether you have a menu on your website and you don’t want to loose out to the competition over something so trivial.

Via your app

Now if you have an app, this is another great place to display your menu. Many apps neglect this side of things and simply reserve their app for the more interactive elements such as competitions and booking tables.

Cafes and Restaurants need Chalkboard Signs