Poster Snap Frames

Snap poster frames are a great asset to any business. Whether you’re a high street store looking to advertise your latest offers, or a student union wanting to advertise upcoming events, snap poster frames provide a wide range of benefits and are the answer to all your advertising woes. Read this blog post to discover why snap poster frames are so useful.


Despite the name, you don’t have to put posters in snap poster frames. These multipurpose advertising tools can display your menu, the latest discount, your events schedule, your certifications, a collage of happy customers and a whole variety of other pieces of literature.

Easy to use

The snap function of these poster frames means that they’re really easy to use. Changing over your graphics or literature has never been so simple; just pop the frame open, swap the graphic and snap it closed again. Their easy-to-use nature means that swapping over graphics is hassle-free.

Look smart

The simple, sleek design of snap poster frames means that they’re smart to look at and will help the profile of any business. Coupled with some well-designed graphics, this combination is a sure winner. Important to almost any business, a professional image is vital to establishing brand loyalty, reputability and a steady flow of customers, so using a snap poster frame is the perfect solution.

Refreshing colours

Many businesses get tied into using drab methods of advertising, yet snap poster frames come in a whole host of different colours which means they’re not only refreshing but you can choose the colour that most closely aligns to your brand, ensuring a seamless brand message throughout.

Cost effective

At the end of the day, if you’re concerned about budget, then snap poster frames are ideal. Cost effective yet durable, these humble poster frames will get an amazing amount of bang for your buck. As a cost effective solution, you will then be able to invest money in what really matters; the design of the graphics.

Vandal resistant

Although they’re not completely tamperproof, snap poster frames can go a long way to help protect your graphics. They can also help protect against the general wear and tear, compared to those that are stuck up with tape or Blu Tack. It’s not a fool proof method but it can help and will also work to save you money in the long run with posters lasting for longer than before.

Easy to install

There’s no complicated set of instructions, and they don’t need a specialist to install them. Snap poster frames are easy to put up and require very little maintenance once they’re in use, which means they create as little hassle for you as possible, making them an excellent choice for advertisement.

With snap poster frames such a versatile tool throughout, every business should be investing in one!

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