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7 Skills you Need to Become a Trade Show Master

Trade shows are great opportunities for businesses to engage with current customers and speak to prospective ones. They can also be great places to build your brand name and create awareness of your business within your speciality niche. So once you’ve got your display stand all sorted, you need to think about who will be representing your business at the event, and to ensure you choose the right person, here are 7 skills you need to be looking out for.

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Knowledge of your product/service

Although it’s a great opportunity for your less experienced sales staff to gain some real-world involvement, you need people who know your product or service inside out and can effectively sell it when put on the spot.


Communication is a vital skill any successful salesperson needs, but even more so at a trade-show event because your sales staff are going to be doing a lot more face-to-face communication than they’re probably used to. If you feel like some of your staff may be a little rusty in this department then it would be worth doing some role playing in the office to help hone their skills and give them the confidence they need to succeed.


And as you can guess, confidence is a key skill of effective sales. Sales people who seem unsure of themselves or unsure of their product are highly unlikely to make a sale. How can your customers be confident in your product or service if your salespeople aren’t?


Confidence and positivity almost go hand-in-hand and it’s very difficult to have one without the other. If visitors to your stand are getting positive vibes from your sales staff, it’s more likely to create a lasting impression and be the foundation of a purchase later on.

Outdoor banner stands

The majority of banner stands are suitable for indoor use only, but when it comes to doing an outdoor event, it’s vital you have the appropriate advertising. An outdoor-safe banner stand is the ideal solution to this and is just as easy to assemble as its indoor siblings. Printed on vinyl, you can be rest assured that your graphic is weather resistant.

Body language

Although communication and enthusiasm are important parts of a good sale, there’s one key type of communication that many people forget about, and this is body language. Whether that’s gesticulating with your hands or how you stand, your body language can say a lot more than the words you actually speak, therefore affecting how you’re perceived by those visiting your stand. Be sure to carefully monitor the body language of your sales staff and see how they communicate – it may be worth stepping in and providing them a few tips if you’re concerned.

Sense of humour

Everyone needs a sense of humour at these types of events. Most of the visitors are there to make connections and some may have travelled quite a distance to make it, so there’s nothing worse than speaking to someone who just doesn’t seem to be enjoying the lighter side of life. A good sense of humour can also help to you to make connections with visitors and create a lasting impression.


Let’s face it, being on your feet all day is not the easiest and so you’re going to need people with good stamina who can not only stay on their feet but maintain their enthusiasm.

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