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7 Ways a Framed Chalkboard Can Enhance Your Offers

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could get your framed chalkboards to look as good as the café down the street’s? Today we’re going to talk about the best tips to follow if you want your own boards to be the talk of the town.

1. Use Your Chalkboard to Promote Live Events

Make sure potential customers actually read your chalkboard by using it to share information they might not otherwise know. Whether that’s a book launch, an acoustic gig or a live sports event streamed through Sky Sports, a well-placed sign can bring in a fantastic crowd in the evenings and weekends. Your new chalkboard is the perfect place to display which events are running in your business and when.

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2. Get Acquainted with the Different Letters, Scales and Colours

If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing chalkboard sign, you need to get yourself familiar with the different colours and tools at your disposal. Try taking out every chalk or chalk marker you have and use each one to write a phrase on your sign. Which is the clearest? Which looks the nicest? Looking at the markers in their box isn’t half as good as seeing all your colours as they’ll appear on the board when it comes to visualising new displays.

You’ll also need to learn all about scale by figuring out what size your letters need to be to fit perfectly across your chalkboard. This is much easier if you have markers in a range of different thicknesses, but can also be done with one size of pen if you have time on your hands. Thicker letters can be produced using multiple strokes of a fine pen, or single strokes of a thicker pen.

Let Us Sparkle Framed Chalkboard Sign

3. Pick the Right Type of Chalkboard Sign

Whether you own a coffee shop, restaurant or bar, there will be a chalkboard sign available that perfectly fits your theme and layout. Most popular choices include…

  • Table Top Chalkboards
    These are perfect for businesses with customer tables to show off their offers and specials.

  • Chalkboard Panels
    The perfect place to share your wifi password, or post a thought of the day.

  • Chalk Insert Panels
    These can be fitted onto your other sign boards to add a new creative element to your existing promotions.

  • Exterior Traditional Chalk A-Board Signs
    Restaurants and similar businesses often choose these signs to list opening times or share other pleasing messages.

  • A-Board Signs
    Ideal to list more copy, or perhaps that wisecrack that you’re hopeful will become a viral meme?

  • Framed Chalkboards
    Ideal for restaurants to show daily specials.

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4. Sketch Your Designs on Paper before Hitting the Chalks

It takes more than thin air and a dash of inspiration to produce the perfect framed chalkboard signs. Before pulling out your markers and setting to work on the chalkboard, it’s usually a good idea to sketch out your plans with pencil and paper, maybe even coming up with a few different drafts.

5. Get the Design Just Right

Whether you own a coffee shop, restaurant or bar, there will be a chalkboard sign available that perfectly fits your theme and layout. Most popular choices include…

  • Your Business Name - It’s vital that people don’t get mixed up between you and your competitors, so think about how original and unique your business name is. If it’s something people will remember, throw it on the board!

  • Your Logo - If you don’t fancy spelling out your business name on every last chalkboard, consider a simple logo or icon that will represent your brand in a small space.

  • Your Identity - Show the world that your business is unique. Identify your company’s unique personality and let it shine through in your chalkboards.

  • Your Presentation - If you’re hanging chalkboards inside your business, the world is your oyster in terms of presentation options! You don’t have to take these down at the end of every day like an outdoor sign, so why not pick something a little more interesting? Go big or go home!

  • Your Typography - Don’t just use print or whatever handwriting you happen to have. Pick a font that works for you! Check out this blog on 10 Fonts that are Perfect for Signage or this one on Design Tips for Beginners.

  • Your Colours - Don’t let your colour scheme be “whatever works.” Find a palette that works with your shop’s themes, environment, design and mood, and stick with that for all your chalkboards.

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6. Start Small

If possible, it’s a great idea to do a mockup of your final sign on a smaller chalkboard before transferring it to your larger display sign. This can help you think clearly about focal points, colours and any other changes you’d like to make that weren’t clear in your pencil sketch.

TEST Framed Chalkboard

Quick tip: When you’re working with colours, try to keep in mind that cooler colours (e.g. blues and greys) tend to fade into the background, while warm colours (reds and yellows) tend to come forward. Your signs can pick up a whole new 3D quality once you learn how to use this to your advantage.

It’s also a great idea to use contrasting colours with different levels of vibrancy if you want to really create an eye-catching display.

7. Embrace the Rustic Aesthetic

Chalkboards seem to be automatically linked with all things rustic and retro in our minds – possibly something to do with spending our childhoods in classrooms full of them. Thankfully, vintage and “steampunk” designs are very in right now, so you can use this to your advantage (maybe even consider bringing in some extra metal and battered elements to reinforce the connection). If your chalkboard’s frame gets a little battered, rusty or dented, fear not! It all just adds to the feeling that the world is moving on, but your business is here to stay.

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