Clear Literature Stands

Choosing to invest in leaflet holders is an inexpensive way of advertising your business and those nearby. The cost to print leaflets is also fairly inexpensive and so depending on the type of business you run, can be a cost effective way to get your brand name out there. This article is going to look at 7 ways your business could use leaflet holders based on the type of business you own.

Business cards

Although not strictly leaflet holders, displaying business cards is an excellent idea. Whether you have people coming in to enquire about a service or product you offer, or if you want to offer current customers a card, having businesses cards available for people to take can be incredibly useful.

Display your own literature

Depending on how you want to go about leveraging your leaflet holders, it may be worth having some of your own literature produced. This could be a price list of your services, or a breakdown of what your company does. Being able to take away something like this can be incredibly important for prospective customers who don’t know whether to make the monetary investment on the spot. This is particularly relevant if you’re appearing at exhibitions and trade shows as visitors will be looking to collect more information about those exhibiting.

Literature Stand

Display client literature’

Alternatively, it may be in your best interest to display client literature, or literature that showcases the work you’ve done for your clientele. If you’re an office-based business, perhaps working in marketing or PR, this is an effective method, especially if you regularly host client and prospective client meetings. Showcasing the work you’ve done previously, and being unashamed to do so, can stand you in good stead with other businesses.

Wall mounted brochure stands

In the reception area

How you go about displaying this literature can vary. If you have a reception/waiting area then common sense states that this may be the best place to display your leaflet holders. However, if you’re the type of business that has a reception desk but not necessarily a waiting area, then it would make more sense to invest in counter top leaflet holders.

Mounted on the wall

Alternatively, if you don’t want leaflet holders on every available flat surface, then mounting them on the wall is a great way to keep them neatly lined up and out of the way. Visitors can peruse them at leisure and they can also become a nice feature.

Local points of interest

If you’re heavily invested in the local community and perhaps want to build partnerships with neighbouring businesses, then advertising local points of interests (or even other businesses) is a great way to get your name out there. This is relevant for tourist attractions and more high street-based businesses who are looking to expand their network. It’s also a great ice breaker for when you want to network with other businesses.

In other businesses

And the reason for that is, if you advertise other businesses, then they’re more likely to advertise you. You can set up a reciprocal advertising program and therefore both benefit. These types of partnerships can be incredibly beneficial and may lead to bigger and better things further down the line.

Leaflet Holders