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8 Reasons You Really Need a Notice Board

There are some pieces of office equipment that are so fundamentally useful that they haven’t changed for years, and will likely stay for years to come. The humble notice board very much fits this description. Walking into your office and seeing exactly what you need to know written in large text in front of you will never really be suitably replaced by a computer screen. There’s no need to flick through a notebook or scroll on your phone, because it’s already waiting for you.

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Notice boards aren’t going anywhere any time soon -- they’re incredibly useful at home and utterly indispensable in the office. Almost every preference or need you might have can be met by some form of notice board. But why are they so useful?

#1: They’ll improve your workplace communication

There are loads of opportunities to communicate in the workplace, but some messages simply travel more easily if they’re shared non-verbally. These are messages that will simply be forgotten if you leave people to tell each other verbally. As great as work e-mails can be as a way of spreading information between colleagues and employees, some messages are less pressing, less formal, and more likely to be ignored if they show up in the inbox alongside more urgent matters. This is where the humble cork notice board will come in handy.

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#2: They can level the playing field

Using your office notice board as an event board is a great way to get everyone involved in posting notices. Many staff love this approach as it helps them to stay in the know about what’s going on around them, and also makes their own news seem valued and important. It also gets rid of the stress of keeping track of who you’ve invited to an office event in your head and leaving people out by accident.

Posting your own event alongside your boss’s event can feel a little daunting, but if a noticeboard has designated spaces for company notices and staff notices, more people will feel comfortable sharing their own pieces of news.

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#3: They have so many uses!

From idea generation sessions to to-do lists, meetings to advertising posters and events, notice boards have any number of different uses in many different companies. They’re particularly popular in the office environment, but they have their uses in many different industries

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#4: They’re super-durable

The average notice board will already be very durable, but you can improve your chances of finding a long-lasting notice board if you make this a must when selecting your product. A notice board that stands the test of time is a vital investment for any company. A weather-resistant outdoor notice board, for example, is necessary if you want to post your notices outside. You can’t just throw a standard cork board out there and hope for the best. The perfect notice board will be durable and display your notices beautifully.

Various types of notice board can be purchased through

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#5: They’re the perfect place to share health and safety information

Your company’s health and safety policy needs to be on show somewhere in the office, and there’s no better place than an eye-grabbing notice board. Displaying health and safety information here will mean everyone can access it with ease, as it’s likely to be the first place people go for information.

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#6: There are loads of different options to choose from

Whatever purpose you need a notice board to fit, there’ll be a wealth of options available. For example…

  • Adverts and messages in workspaces and reception areas can be displayed on a classic cork board.
  • You can boost the morale of the employees in your organisation by using a notice board to display company and individual accomplishments and awards.
  • Personal photos and other items can all be displayed on an employee’s personal noticeboard, allowing them to make their space their own and feel more comfortable in the office.
  • Employees can find data and other business trend information, graphs and facts on an office notice board.
  • Welcome notes for clients, time-sensitive messages and interview schedules can go on a mobile notice board either permanently or temporarily in your company reception area.

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#7: Schools can improve attendance for their after-school activities

Getting pupils involved in after-school clubs and activities can often be a challenge, however great a variety your school offers. It can be difficult to get individuals to commit to any particular activity when there are so many different things vying for their attention both at home and socially.

You certainly want everyone to at least know what activities are on offer, whether that’s additional classes, a school play, a sports team, review performance or dance club.

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#8: They defeat the dreaded bare wall

Some teachers and office managers love to spend their time creating the perfect display on their notice boards, while others really just don’t want to waste their time on that. However you feel about organising your notice board, it can’t be denied that there’s little less inspiring for a student or office worker than a blank grey or beige wall. Whether you do it yourself or get someone else to decorate the notice board for you, it’s vital that you get something on that wall as soon as possible!

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