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8 Whiteboard Accessories You Won't Be Without

A whiteboard is a versatile piece of equipment, isn’t it? Offices, classrooms, laboratories, staff rooms and many more places will usually all have whiteboards in them. But they can never reach their full potential without the vital whiteboard accessories that help make them the versatile, multi-functional pieces of equipment we know they can be.

Below I’ve outlined some of the best whiteboard accessories to have at the ready, so without further ado let’s begin our countdown shall we?

Whiteboard Accessories

Whiteboard Eraser

One of the best white accessories to have is a professional, high-quality eraser. Many people opt for using a cloth or sponge in place of a proper whiteboard eraser but while they might seem like they work they can also damage the whiteboard and will usually not remove the ink fully. So, make sure you have a proper whiteboard eraser at the ready to help you clean up any mistakes.

Whiteboard Eraser

Whiteboard Gridding Tape

Whiteboard gridding tape is perfect for building grids, tables, and charts. Yes, you can do this with a pen but it’s going to be a lot more difficult than you think to actually build a high-quality easy to read graph or diagram with just a pen. Whiteboard gridding tape is easy to place and remove and comes in a variety of colours and with it, you can make a whiteboard even more versatile.

Whiteboard Gridding Tape

Whiteboard Spray Cleaner

Whiteboards are usually simple to clean up and keep tidy however the longer something is left on the whiteboard the harder it is to clean off. Ink can leave marks and faint stains even after it has been erased which is why some whiteboard spray cleaner is a great investment for ensuring your whiteboard always stays as white as possible.

Whiteboard Spray Cleaner

Whiteboard Wipes

Whiteboard wipes are the perfect complement to our whiteboard spray cleaner, while you can use a cloth whiteboard wipes are always going to give you a better end result. Whiteboard wipes also come in two different types, wet wipes are formulated with a cleaning fluid so they can even be used without a spray cleaner.

Whiteboard Wet Wipes

While dry wipes are better used in combination with a spray cleaner, but both kinds of wipes are going to be better than simply using a cloth. They’ll look more professional, be easier to store and keep safe and best of all they’ll do a better job at getting rid ink and stains.

Whiteboard Dry Wipes

Whiteboard Pen Trays

Whiteboard pens might be bigger than the average ballpoint but let’s be honest they will still likely go missing sooner or later won’t they? Which is why any whiteboard should have its own pen tray, that way pens won’t only be kept safe they’ll be close by for when you need them. Pen trays come in many forms but a glass pen tray offers something stylish as well as functional.

Whiteboard Glass Pen Tray

Whiteboard Magnets

One of the most versatile whiteboard accessories available whiteboard magnets offer a number of great uses and every whiteboard can benefit from having some. Whether you opt for coloured magnets or just regular plain ones they are incredibly valuable for a number of reasons.

Coloured Whiteboard Magnets

Magnets can be used just like press pins would be in a more old-fashioned notice board so you can hold important documents in place on the whiteboard. You can also use them as markers for graphs and charts as well, many people use them in conjunction with whiteboard gridding tape as graph markers.

Whiteboard Super Strength Magnets

Whiteboard Pens

What good is a whiteboard without pens? Out of all the whiteboard accessories we’ve looked at pens are certainly the most important and should be at the top of your list. Whiteboard pens come in a variety of different forms as well there’s the more traditional marker style pens, narrow tipped pens, and water-based pens.

Whiteboard Pens

Each style of pen will give you a distinctive marking and they come in a range of colours. The prime four colours are black, blue, red and green but whiteboard pens come in more than just those four colours so don’t worry if you’re looking for a wider assortment of colours.

Whiteboard Glass Pens

Whiteboard Flip-charts and Clips

If you’ve ever attended a training session then you’ve likely seen the value of whiteboard flipcharts first hand. It might sound strange to use flipcharts when you have a whiteboard to write on but flip charts have a wide range of uses. They offer more a permanent way of note taking for one thing but they also allow you to move information about more effectively.

Yes, everyone can see what is written on the whiteboard but with a flipchart, you can more easily pass that information around the room. This is particularly valuable when it comes to training sessions and group work, but flipcharts are very versatile and can be used for all kinds of reasons including presentations and meetings.

So, whiteboard flipcharts are certainly a great accessory to have but remember you’ll need flip charts clips as well. Flipchart clips are easy to use and allow you to securely hold flipcharts to a whiteboard for whenever you need that extra bit of versatility.

FlipChart Clips

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