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8 benefits of adding a school notice board to your classroom

A classroom is a place of learning, but it’s also a place that students consider to be their centre for information. They can ask questions there, look at notices to learn about things that are going on in the school, and even see announcements that they may have heard about but forgotten the details for. Most of this information can be gathered by having a student talk to their tutor or their teacher during the day, but it can be inconvenient, disruptive (when the question is completely off-topic), and sometimes awkward for the student. Many students don’t feel comfortable asking questions, especially in a room full of people – but school notice boards completely solve that problem.

There are so many viable and important reasons that adding school notice boards to your classrooms could benefit your students. Below are 8 benefits to tell you exactly how and why you should invest in one as soon as possible!

Notice Board Montage

1. They can display vital notices

Announcing things at the start of the day is all well and good, but it’s highly likely that your students will forget later on. By sticking the same notice on a notice board, they can have a written confirmation of what you’ve said.

Student looks at notices on a school noticeboard

2. Compact boards can help save space in small areas

The size of the board can also be an issue in smaller classrooms, but free-standing or small notice boards are an option. Not all classrooms have the wall space for the larger notice boards that we typically see, and this is where adjustable, or smaller sized notice boards come in handy.

3. They can be any colour

When we think of a notice board, we typically think of a huge cork board with colourful pins that can look quite boring. To a classroom of students, they are less likely to check a board that looks disinteresting because they’ll feel like it’s a waste of their time. Today, many places take this into consideration and supply colourful notice boards that can grab the attention of even the most apathetic student.

Colourful noticeboards for schools

4. A notice board can tell your students about activities

All schools typically offer several extra-curricular activities that students can take part in. School notice boards provide the perfect opportunity to display notices about those activities – clubs, classes, and sessions – that students can join and take part in.

Information on after school activities displayed in notice board

5. Your board will have multiple uses

School notice boards don’t have to be used as only notice boards. You can use it purely to display things like artwork or even use it as a teaching aid to “set the scene” of whatever topic you happen to be teaching next.

School Art Displayed

6. Communicate with visitors

You can use school notice boards to communicate with any classroom visitors that you may have without actually speaking to them. You may not be present at the time, or someone could be touring the school – these are perfect times to have notices up that highlight the activities of the class and the work that they’re currently producing.

Outdoor Post Mounted School Notice Board

7. Perfect for reward systems

For younger classes, a notice board can be used to showcase a reward system for individual students or the class as a whole. With a board that has a case or a covering, you can also protect the list from sticky hands.

8. Stop sign or notice vandalism

Some notice boards are manufactured as lockable box frames or have a locking window that slides across it. These types of notice boards will help prevent sign vandalism and keep notices looking clean and professional.

Lockable Tamperproof School Notice Boards

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