Whether you’re a pub or restaurant owner, investing a chalkboard is a great idea and can work wonders to encourage people passing by to come in. Now that your chalkboard has arrived, and you’ve worked out where it’s going to go, what do you actually write on it? Here are 9 great ideas for your new chalkboard.

Advertise live sports events

Whether you have a license for BT Sports or Sky Sports or both, advertising this can bring in a great crowd on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, especially when it’s a big event. Advertising this on your chalkboard to show which matches will be on the big screen is a great use of your new chalkboard.

Live Sports Chalk Boards Sign

Offer a discount

Most businesses use their outdoor signs to advertise the latest discount. Whether it’s 50% off main meals during the day, or buy one get one free on starters, letting the general public know about this is quite important – it could be what persuades them to visit.

Promotional Advertising A-Board Chalkboard Sign

Write a pun

Chalkboards have become an eye-catching attraction in recent years with many pubs and restaurants leveraging the British sense of humour to draw attention to themselves, and what better way to do this than with a pun.

Pun of the Day Chalk Sign

Advertise events

If you host live music events, or pub quizzes, or any kind of event, then your new chalkboard is the ideal place to talk about it. You never know, some of the locals may put in their diary after seeing it on your chalkboard, and others may be encouraged to make their first visit.

A-Board for Live Music Advertising

Daily specials

Many businesses have a daily specials board, but instead of limiting it to the handout menu, incorporate it on your new chalkboard so that everyone gets chance to see it.

Chalkboard Specials

Tell a joke

If coming up with a clever pun is too much hard work, then maybe you can have a joke of the day to bring a smile to the faces of your customers or those passing by. This is a great tactic if your new chalkboard is a pavement sign as it’s likely to make your business more memorable.

Joke on Chalk Sign Board

Local Pokémon

Pokémon Go might have been all the rage a year or so ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely disappeared. With more than 20 million active daily users, advertising that you’re a hotspot could work in your favour. Plus if one of your staff is talented in art, a few comical drawings would also make it quite memorable and showcase your business’ personality.

Pokemon Chalkboard Sign

Drink of the day

Wine bars and restaurants will often have a drink of the day. This could be a specialist cocktail or a selected wine, and so advertising this to those passing by and those already visiting could help to boost sales and create a more enjoyable customer experience all round.

Dring of the Day Sign Board

Showcase a promotion

If there are upcoming events like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, then showcasing an upcoming promotion will not only encourage people to visit, but may also work towards increasing the number of pre-bookings you receive.

Free Beer Chalk Board