A Guide to Buying the Right Literature Stand

A Guide to Buying the Right Literature Stand

Digital marketing and online adverts are definitely an important part of today’s business climate, but nothing can compete with a printed brochure. Hard copy brochures and leaflets are still an effective way to promote your product or services to your target audience.

A stack of pamphlets on the counter of your shop will only gather dust. If you want to attract the attention of passersby and patrons, you need to display your leaflets, brochures, and magazines in a literature stand. An attractive and sturdy brochure stand is the best way to display your printed materials in a professional and polished manner.

Leaflets in Literature Stand close up

Why are pamphlets and leaflets still so effective?

Leaflets and pamphlets are an excellent way to keep your brand and products in the mind of your potential clients. People like free takeaways, and when your printed materials are stylish, attractive, and professional, your customers will happily take one to peruse at a later time.

But in the age of digital advertising and online marketing, why are these printed materials still so effective?

They look great

Consumers are now used to consuming their media on a tiny mobile screen, where dimensions can be skewed and it takes a ton of scrolling to gain the whole picture. On the other hand, professionally designed brochures and leaflets look great, and allow your designs and messaging to be consumed as you intended it.

People enjoy a tactile experience

Never underestimate the power of a tactile experience. People enjoy having something that they can touch, interact with, and share in person. The experience of leafing through a magazine will always garner more direct attention than when distractedly scrolling online.

Brochures are all about voluntary engagement

Let’s face it – when you check your email, you have loads of spam messages that you don’t care about and you delete instantly. With printed materials, engagement is completely voluntary – people pick up a brochure or a leaflet because they are genuinely interested in what it has to say. This makes the calls to action in magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures even more effective.

brochures and leaflets in a pile

Why are literature stands so important?

Why go to all of the trouble of designing, printing, and paying for a series of brochures and pamphlets only to have them languish, unread, on the counter? Sure, a pile of corporate literature can sit in a tidy pile on a desk, but it will garner a lot more attention (not to mention look a lot more professional) when it is displayed in a professional literature stand.

Printed materials left on a desk or counter can easily get damaged, crumpled, or ruined. You have spent money on these materials – how galling would it be to see them tossed away, ruined? Literature stands keep all of your printed information neat, tidy, and in good condition.

Display Stand Rack for Literature

Customers, colleagues, employees, and potential clients can easily access your printed information when it is presented in a literature stand. Your rotating, wall-hung, or desktop brochure stand becomes a welcoming focal point that encourages people to learn about your offerings.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Use Literature Stands?

Literature stands are an obvious choice for travel agencies, estate agencies, banks, and other service providers, but many other businesses and organisations can use them to great effect.

They work great in schools and colleges, displaying important information that parents can grab in a hurry. Brochure stands also do the trick in charity offices and storefronts, GP surgeries, hospitals, and other drop in centres.

Black Wave Wider Brochure Stand

The Different Types of Literature Stands Available?

Brochure stands and literature stands come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, each designed to showcase and display different kinds of printed materials. Here are the different styles of literature stands, and what kinds of brochures and leaflets suit them best.

Freestanding Literature Stands

This is the most popular literature stand out there, for good reason. A freestanding brochure stand is functional, stylish, and classic, allowing your printed materials to shine. When passersby and clients see your brochures displayed neatly in a freestanding literature stand, they will be tempted to pick up a few and give them a read.

Freestanding Literature Stands

Desktop Literature Stands

If you need to display smaller materials, or you don’t have a lot of floor or wall space, a desktop literature stand might be the perfect solution. Perched in an eye-catching way on a counter or desktop, these brochure stands allow you to display a few brochures at a time.

Businesses that have a lot of traffic at a counter or in one place can really benefit from desktop literature stands. Consider placing one on your reception desk, cash desk, pub bar, or in the waiting area of a coffee shop.

Desktop Literature Stands

Wall Mounted Literature Stands

If you have additional wall space in your business, consider a wall mounted literature stand. This is a brilliant way to present your thoughtful and carefully printed brochures and pamphlets at eye level. This makes them easily accessible for all of your visitors, clients, and colleagues, encouraging them to pick one up and thumb through it. This is a classic and professional design.

Wall Mounted Literature Stands

Portable Literature Stands

If you travel to many trade shows, exhibitions, fairs, and events, a portable literature stand might be the best solution for you. Displaying printed materials is a vital part of showing at any trade show or event, as these brochures and leaflets have a high rate of return.

Portable brochure stands are collapsible and easy to break down and set back up again, perfect for transporting in the boot of your car. While you can use it in your main business, and then take it on the road with you when needed, many of our clients choose to purchase an additional portable literature stand to have at the ready.

Portable Literature Stands

Revolving Literature Stands

Do you need to showcase a lot of different leaflets, brochures, or magazines? If so, a revolving literature stand might be the best choice for your business. These stands allow people to peruse through the different materials on offer, and select multiple options to take with them and read. Revolving stands are well suited to waiting rooms, travel agencies, and reception areas, and allow you to display an array of different sized literature. A4 magazines sit nicely alongside A5 leaflets and all of your other printed materials.

Revolving Literature Stands

Choosing the Best Literature Stands for Your Business

Now that you know about the different styles of literature stands out there, it is time to choose the best one (or multiple models) for your specific needs. You first need to decide why you plan to use a literature stand, and what you plan to display on its racks. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need it to be mobile?
    Are you planning to take your literature stand to a variety of trade shows or events? If you need a mobile option, this narrows down the field considerably. A portable brochure stand is easy to break down and set up again, allowing you to professionally display your printed materials and gain new clients.

  • Are you short on space?
    If you have heaps of floor space in your shop, office, or business floor, a standalone literature stand (or multiple stands) is a good option. However, if you are short on floor space, you might want to consider a wall-mounted option, or even a smaller desktop brochure stand.

  • What are the sizes and shapes of your printed materials?
    What kinds of brochures and pamphlets do you have to display? If you just have one brochure design, you can choose a literature stand with one standard compartment. However, if you have a larger array of printed materials on offer, you will likely want a stand that has more compartments. Choose from wireframe racks, collapsible mobile stands, and models that look like bookcases, all in a variety of materials.

  • How much corporate literature do you have to display?
    Do you plan to display a single stack of a few dozen pamphlets, or do you want to make a bold commodity statement and showcase hundreds of materials at once? Your literature stand choice will depend on how much you want to have on offer at any one time. After all, you don’t want a ton of empty slots, but you also don’t want things to look cramped and messy.

  • Do you have exterior space?
    Do you want to display some of your materials out on the pavement, or in the common areas of a shopping centre? A rotating wireframe literature stand might be a good solution for your needs.

  • Do you have one area that has high traffic?
    Finally, have a think about your layout and high traffic areas. Do you have one reception desk (or even a pub or café counter) that gets a high volume of traffic? If so, an additional desktop model might be the perfect choice.

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