All Great Brochures Need a Brochure Stand!

If you’ve worked hard to create the perfect brochure to promote your business, you need to make sure you’re doing it justice by displaying it properly. Brochure stands can be anything from substantial floor displays that accommodate a range of different brochures, to a simple tiered stand that sits on your table or desk. But it can be a challenge to choose the right brochure stand or leaflet rack to suit your company image and needs when there are so many options and designs out there.

Today, we’re going to discuss all the great benefits that can come with a good brochure stand, and the factors you need to consider when you’re choosing the stand that works for you.

Literature Stand Types

Whether you’re at a trade show or in your office, it’s vital that you’re able to display all of your marketing materials – literature magazines, leaflets, brochures and everything else. Here are your options for doing that:

Revolving Literature Stands

A revolving stand is the right option for you if you’re in need of a display that can hold lots of different leaflets and brochures. It saves on space, and is the perfect model for those wanting to get a clear idea of all the different brochures on offer.

Wall Mounted Brochure Dispensers

Looking for the freedom to move without clutter? Wall mounted brochure dispensers are a great way to display your leaflets and brochures when space is an issue.

Portable Literature Stands

Wall mounted brochure dispensers are an exhibition essential. Opt for a zig zag stand or a mesh magazine rack, and you’ll have a stand which can be easily packed away and transported to wherever you need to go.

Desktop Leaflet Dispensers

If space is limited and you’re looking for something smaller, a desktop leaflet dispenser is perfect for placing on your reception desk or waiting room table.

Mobile Brochure Stands

If you think you’ll want to adjust the position of your brochure stand regularly, a mobile brochure stand might be your best choice. They’re lightweight and easy to move around with wheels, so you can position and reposition to your heart’s content!

Brochure Stands Are Easy to Set Up and Move Around

When you’re displaying brochures at a trade show, you need a solution that saves on space and can be positioned easily. Both during the booth set-up phase and during the show itself, the trade show or exhibition floor will be a really busy place. This means there are three main criteria your brochure stand needs to meet when you’re setting up a trade show booth.

A stand needs to be easy to move in and out of the area you’re working from. It needs to be easy and speedy to prepare. And it needs to take up as little of your limited space as possible.

Brochure stand designs have really improved over the years, and now it’s relatively easy to find a display that matches all of these points. They can now be set up in minutes, collapsed or dismantled in seconds and moved around with no difficulty. Many come with fitted carrying cases, can be stored in tiny spaces and are durable and stable without weighing much at all. And most importantly, they can complement any promotional display or exhibition stand through their attractive, streamlined designs.

What Is the Best Brochure Stand for My Needs?

When you’re picking a new brochure stand, there are two main questions you’ll need to ask yourself:

  • How much literature will I be displaying?
    If it’s just one item, make use of a traditional brochure stand. If you have lots of different items, you can display a vast array of material on a revolving brochure stand. No matter how many catalogues, brochures or magazines you want to display, there’s a brochure stand for you.

  • How often will I move the brochure stand?
    A mobile literature stand will create the least fuss if you think you’ll be moving the stand around a lot. But other freestanding options like revolving brochure stands and traditional brochure stands are also good options. Meanwhile, wall-mounting a classy wooden brochure stand is a great choice if the stand will be staying put in your workplace.

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Say Farewell to Clutter!

You can conserve space by using a modern literature stand, which maintains a relatively small footprint by displaying all of your literature vertically. You’ll never again have brochures cluttering up your counter or spread out across a coffee table, allowing you to keep your workplace or trade show booth much more organised.

The vertical orientation of most modern brochure stands allows clients, customers and visitors to see all of the information you want to share without taking up too much space. When the alternative is spreading your literature across a table or shelf, a brochure stand really is a no-brainer!

Should You Choose Wall Mounted or Freestanding Brochure Stands?

Freestanding brochure stands are…

  • Easy to See – You may want to consider opting for freestanding brochure stands if you’re hoping for potential customers or clients to see your brochures the moment they enter your business.

  • Easy to Move – You may benefit from free standing brochure stands if you’re someone who likes to rearrange their displays often.

Wall-mounted brochure stands are…

  • Long Lasting – If you’re looking for somewhere to showcase brochures that requires no input from you, wall mounted brochure stands work well.

  • Hard to Damage – Wall mounted brochure stands are unlikely to come to any harm because they are secure and out of the way.

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