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What Can You Use Instead of an A-Board Sign?

If you want to gain trade from passing foot traffic, A-board signs are pretty hard to beat. They attract customers who would otherwise have passed by without noticing your business, and many shop owners have found them to be an essential tool for business for this reason.

This type of advertising, sadly, is starting to be restricted in towns across the UK. York has implemented a complete ban on A-frame advertising within a prohibition zone in the city centre, with similar bans implemented in Edinburgh. Many other towns could follow suit if these bans are deemed successful.

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This is clearly bad news for shops, though it may prove to be a good thing for pedestrians for whom large signs can be a dangerous obstruction, especially on narrow pavements.

Just because you might have to retire your A-frame sign doesn’t mean you won’t be able to entice in any more customers, though! There are plenty of eye-catching alternatives that can help you attract the attention of potential customers.

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Portable Flag Poles

Our collection of flags and flagpoles could be just what you’re looking for, whether you want to stand out from the crowd, draw people to an event or extend your branding. At Red17, we’re known for supplying quality branded flag banners, portable flagpoles, banner flagpoles, wall-mounted flags and flag accessories. We are a trusted UK-based supplier, and have established ourselves as a company that can provide banners and other branded products reliably, affordably and quickly.

Setting up a promotional flag is often one of the most successful ways to influence how your company’s core values are perceived by your target client group and other companies, promote your services and products and spread your brand.

Illuminated Signs

An illuminated sign can tick a number of promotional boxes: they broadcast light and colour, two of the most effective tools to get customers to notice your shop window. Encourage passers-by to take the next step and come into your shop by placing an illuminated sign in front of your shop window, and be sure to include an attention-grabbing poster that will grab the interest of anyone who sees it.

We’d recommend our best-selling Menu Light Box (£163.00, down from £246.48), or our Illuminated Black Information Stand if you need a freestanding option.

Illuminated Poster Displays

Potential customers will be drawn to your business when they catch the light and colours of your illuminated poster out of the corner of their eye. These poster displays are a cheaper alternative to the Menu Light Box, and allow you to display posters close to your shop window to increase the chance that passers-by will glance in your direction.

Our best-seller is the Silver Light Box Poster Snap Frame, which is just £82.00 excluding VAT.

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You can order your new light box today – choose from a variety of sizes and colours, and enjoy our low prices and free delivery!

Outdoor Poster Frames

With an outdoor poster frame, information that you once displayed outside on an A-frame sign can now be displayed on your outer walls. Passers-by can peruse your information without having to step inside and ask – which can be intimidating – and if you’re running a restaurant, bar or coffee shop you could try using the frame to display special menus or new deals. Specific words, bright colours and snappy designs can all come in handy here.

Our outdoor poster frames start at just £34.00 excluding VAT.

Get Noticed!

It’s always a good time to think of new ways to stand out from the crowd and make your company the talk of the town, whether you run a new business or are an established brand with many regular customers. There’s always time to grow your network and find new customers!

Choosing the Right Colours

Your shop window design itself plays a major role in getting your customers’ attention – this is about more than just the information you display! Using colours at random may seem like the easy option, but when you’re choosing colours for your window display, picking a theme will be more visually interesting to potential customers. Pick out a few colours that complement each other, or go in the opposite direction and go monochrome.

Selecting a particular concept and building a colour theme that matches it will be the most effective way to go. People may be more inclined to stop and look if they know at a glance that you sell the products they’re looking for. So if, for example, you run a cake shop, pastel colours might be a good choice as they will signal to onlookers that there are sweet treats to be found inside.

Potential customers will be encouraged to engage with your theme if you appeal to preconceptions that they have about certain colours. They may subconsciously pause and look as they pass your window if you opt for a red colour scheme, as the colour red represents stop; a cool blue theme might be more attractive to someone who has Christmas shopping in mind. Use bright colours in select areas to draw attention to particular details, products and deals, but use wisely: bright colours are great at attracting attention, but can be off-putting if they’re used too freely.

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Lots of businesses on your street will be putting out signs with the same goal as you, so it’s vital that you know what to do to make people visit your business instead of your competitor’s.

Clever advertising can be a very satisfying and rewarding task. Although it may seem impossible to get customers to step inside without the use of an A-frame sign, this constraint can encourage you to get creative, and think of new ways to draw in new people.

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