Lockable Notice Boards

An Introduction to Lockable Notice Boards

Notice boards have been around for years, and they are still used by numerous businesses across the world today. When it comes to keeping your signs, leaflets, and even more precious certificates or awards safe, there are certain types of notice boards that will fulfil your needs more than others will be able to.

Lockable notice boards are a specific type of notice board which can often be used both inside your establishment and outside, too. Lockable notice boards, at their most inexpensive, are typically wide but small notice boards which act like a lockable case with a window. These lockable notice boards are usually £80 - £100 or so and come with a variety of colour choices for the actual notice board area, while the frames are silver with black corners. This variety of lockable notice board will come with a set of keys for its lock.

Large double door wall mounted office locking noticeboard

Other than this type of lockable notice board, the one that people are most likely to recognise is one that we all come across while we’re still at school. The larger, sliding window notice board with a lock on the side or at the bottom. These lockable notice boards are still inexpensive – usually costing around £100 - £150, though some suppliers offer more expensive ones, or they might be put on offer from time to time. The larger lockable notice boards can often fit several posters in, but they aren’t suitable for displaying awards like their wider but smaller counterpart. Larger lockable notice boards are better for classrooms, offices, and other places that have several notices or certificates to display at the same time.

School lockable notice board with teacher

Of course, these aren’t the only options you have. Many businesses are opting to be more eco-friendly, which involves purchasing eco notice boards rather than standard ones. An eco notice board has a wooden frame, rather than one made of metal – the there is little to no price difference between eco notice boards and standard metal framed notice boards. The only downside to purchasing and using an eco notice board is that they cannot be used outdoors. Despite this, they still benefit from a virtually shatterproof plastic locking door.

indoor locking notice board

Now that we’ve covered the types of lockable notice boards that are available on the market, let’s look at the actual features of these boards and their locks.

If you’re looking to display things in a stylish but secure way, then a lockable notice board is exactly what you need. Lockable notice boards are extremely popular, especially when compared to standard notice boards that cannot be locked. They’re so popular because they offer much higher security, which means that you can use them as a display for awards, or just use them as a standard notice board. The best thing about getting a notice board with a locking mechanism is that none of your certificates, awards, notices, or information will go missing if you choose to display it.

Shield Design Tamperproof Lockable Notice Board

The waterproof seal that many companies offer in their outdoor notice board designs will also exist for their lockable notice boards. This will keep your notices protected against the weather when they are outside. The key lock boards typically have a 2mm thick, strong plastic cover alongside this waterproof seal to help the board remain tamper proof while protecting your notices against rain and/or harsh winds. All locks come with a set of two keys, which we recommend you keep in separate locations in case one is ever lost. One of those keys should remain with the person responsible for posting notices, and the other with a manager or in a safe location.

Key Lock Poster Case Notice Boards

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