Are Chalkboards Making a Comeback

Are Chalkboards Making a Comeback?

Whether you’re a restaurant, bar or retail store, you’ll already know the value of a good chalkboard or two. While some businesses may have opted for high tech, funky signage in recent times, the flexibility and sheer functionality of traditional chalkboards can’t be underestimated.

And, we think they’re making a big comeback.

The Benefits of Chalkboards

At Red 17, we supply a comprehensive range of chalkboard signs and we’re always interested to know what our customers like so much about them. Whether it’s their stylish simplicity or their hardiness, it’s no wonder so many businesses of all types have them on site.

Fish n Chips Chalkboard Sign

Here are the four main benefits our customers always seem to come back to.

1. Easy of Use

Signage can be limited, particularly depending on the type of product you choose. There’s no such problem with chalkboard signs. You’ll probably see them most outside cafes, bars and restaurants but they’re great for any kind of business. The A-board varieties are really adaptable and can be placed either indoors or outdoors.

2. Durability

Modern chalkboards are also pretty solid. If you’re looking for a bit of signage that is built to last and won’t get blown over in the wind, then this is the best option to consider first. Our A-boards come with solid frames and long lasting hinges.

Of course, you may want a chalkboard you can fit up on the wall of your bar or restaurant. Their durability means you don’t have to worry about replacing the board anytime soon.

3. They Look Great

Chalkboard signs look good too. There’s not a bar or restaurant where one doesn’t work just about perfectly. Pick the right location for your board and it will serve you well for many years to come.

4. You Can Change the Content

The really big bonus with chalkboards and one which all our customers mention is that you can change what is written on them. For instance, if you serve food, a chalkboard is absolutely ideal. Perhaps you have a special event coming up, a curry night or you’re showing the next World Cup match at a certain time. All you need to do is wipe down your board and put in the information.

Your chalkboard gives you the option to be creative too and really show your brand in a good light. Some of our customers even add it to create some humour to get them noticed and customers coming through the door.

Chalkboard Specials

Where to Put Your Chalkboard Signs

There are plenty of options here which is why many of our customers decide to get more than one chalkboard from the outset. For bars and restaurants, the traditional specials board is an absolute must. If you run a store, however, there’s no reason why you can’t have board or two up around the place highlighting sales and new offers.

Framed Chalkboard

One of the most common types of chalkboard is the A-frame which you see outside on the street. The weight of these means that they’re great for breezy conditions and can be placed anywhere to attract new customers through the door.

A-Board with Chalkboard Insert

The range of chalkboard signs has grown in recent years with eco-flex boards frames and new designs with insert panels. You can even get tabletop chalkboards to use for special occasions or decorate your dining area.

Chalkboard Signs at Red 17

If you’re looking for different styles of chalkboard at a really great price, browse our selection at Red 17 today. We offer a range of sizes to suit all types of businesses and budgets. Find out more here.

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